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Kimberly Rose
Kimberly Rose
4 years ago
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I have idea for a story/video game/anything I want to make in the future.

It's a story about a woman named Royal, an army officer in charge of reestablishing the royal family of her world. Years before the story takes place her world was turned upside down when the parliament of the government decided that the monarchy was too powerful, even though they were just figure heads. The people loved the royal family but the parliament didn't want them in the way anymore so the king was banished, the queen was imprisoned, the prince was killed, and the princess was captured.

The main character is a man called Private Seal (I don't know if I'm going to stay with that name or not...), and he is under Royal's protection because they actually wanted him to survive. The Commander (I haven't given him a name besides that so far...) gives Private Seal and Royal the mission to find the missing king, only the Commander goes with them to protect Royal since he didn't trust that to a private.

King Indigo was a broken man when they found him, and it became worse when he found out the fates of his beloved wife and son. The fate of his daughter was revealed by Royal, taking off her helmet to reveal herself as the young princess who was captured and protected by the king oldest and dearest friend, the Commander. Royal Blue Saphir being the princess's full name, but in her childhood she was just called Blue.

And that's all I got for right now...I'd like some help. I know there are some details left out, some on purpose and some are plot holes. So...can anyone offer assistance?

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