Astral Bell

3 years ago
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Once again I'll try
To pacify my mind
And close in on some sleep,
If only I'd not think.

Thoughts rarely ever stop
And when I think I forgot,
A vision of you appears,
My long departed dear.

How long will it last
This agony from the past?
Is it a comfort or a curse
From the unknown universe?

The Astral Bell did ring
I heard it . . . strangest thing!
Perfectly clear intonation!
Of what was its creation?

Is it a spirit familiar,
Or some sort that's similar,
With messages, discrete
Only heard during sleep?


-from Into the Myst by Isabel Ecila

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Bill Walker
Bill Walker
3 years ago
742 posts

That poem paints a very distinct and multi layered picture that seems to travel on for ever. Pretty darn good for just a few short words! Loved it!

3 years ago
897 posts

Thank you so much Bill. Your description sounds better than the poem! Vickibea mentioned hearing bells so I thought I'd throw it up here.

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