as this cancer takes me away

Kimberly Mayer
Kimberly Mayer
5 years ago
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this is just a simple story of two people in love that run out of time getting to be together, i hope you guys like it :)

As This Cancer Takes Me Away:

I am sorry

I will not be around much longer

My life is fading away

I can feel my presence

Its fading

Its disappearing

Please give me more time

I cant leave you behind

You will be sad

You will be alone again

I made a promise

That we would stay together

But I can see that its breaking

Its crumbling

Its killing me deep inside

Just like this disease

I need more time




The pain is unbearable

I must continue to fight


I can feel myself leaving


Please let me stay!


At least let me tell her one last thing!

But the words wont form

I cant open my mouth

The hospital staff begins to panic

I can hear the heart monitor stop

They drag me away from my love



I cant see her

Feel her

Or hear her

I cant tell her the last few words

The last words I so badly want to say

As Im leaving her

Leaving this world


Im sorry for breaking our promise

I dont want to leave you

Please find happiness

Because I love you.

These are the words Ill never get to say

And the words shell never know.

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