Artist's Dream - Happy New Year

4 years ago
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May you all paint your new year as you want it :)

~Dream of the Artist~
Get me back to my brushes and paint
It's clear now what needs to be done,
Simply paint the world as I want it
And the future as I want it to come.

There will be no past in my paintings
Only thoughts that have been transformed,
Filtered through light filled prisms
On canvas with color reborn.

It will be a world of my making
Where everyone always smiles
And lives on the highest mountain
Skies clear with views for miles.

The valleys below will be full
Of flowers brilliantly hued
Radiant red, yellow, violet
Sunlit, sparkling in morning dew.

Noble trees stand strong and stately
Offer security without end
Fruit, nuts, berries, shelter,
Comfort and safety on which to depend

The streams and ponds are purest of pure
The animals are fuzzy, fine friends.
I've only to get back to my paintbox
For this perfect world to begin.


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4 years ago
897 posts

Cute! Play away . . .

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