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2 years ago
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I found a file of old poems last night....


I met her in a church, of course
Coz that's where angels stay
I had been wandering, terribly lost,
Just trying to find my way.
She took me in and smiled at me,
So I decided to stay.

Life had led me down rough roads
Like paths of broken glass
All sides were lined by evil ones
Whose hearts were filled with ash.
To meet an angel in church that day
Was more than I could ask.

With porcelain skin, a sunshine smile
And dark Victorian hair,
Her beauty surpassed only by
A warmth that filled the air
From her kind and gentle nature
That soothed everyone there.

Perfection in a human...well!
What a rare and novel find
That renewed my faith completely
In all of human kind.
A person so fine and true as this
Was medicine to my mind.

But perfect person and imperfect world,
Do not go well together
And I discovered my misplaced angel
Had flown through much foul weather.
Her feathers though hidden were tattered and torn
Designed for a world much better.

Her pretty, dusty, diamond eyes
Cut through to the truth of life
Seeing not only the beauty of things
But also the sorrow and strife
All the cruel ironies found in the world
Cut her soft heart like a knife.

The ones who see with great vision
See the world in a different light
Than those who see only the surface
And miss all the shading in life.
But those who see the whole spectrum,
Sometimes see more than they'd like.

Those who feel with great passion
Carry the world on their backs
Labouring quietly alone
While grieving for the love the world lacks.
And those who feel so intensely, sometimes,
Have trouble keeping nerves intact.

It's not easy being an angel
When you can't understand the absurd.
Illogic is all you can count on
Despite what you've probably heard.
But the sun will come up tomorrow
On that, I will give you my word.

So try not to take it so badly
When things don't go as they should.
Don't let dark memories invade you
You know you did all that you could.
Just look for the beauty around you
And focus on all that is good.

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2 years ago
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Hi Ecila

Thank you so much for this lovely poem. It is really a work of verbal art. Beautiful images and it FEELS very lovely

Throw some love into the wind.


2 years ago
898 posts

Thanks Bing:)

Bill Walker
2 years ago
729 posts

Sounds to me like you were the Angel that you were writing about. You said that you have more poems from the past, I encourage you to post more of them as you are obviously a very accomplished writer, this is really good!

2 years ago
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Thanks so much! But no, not me I was writing about (well maybe some was about me!). It was about a girl they eventually fired because she was extremely bipolar. I thought they were incredibly mean to have fired her. I had forgotten I even wrote this:)

Bill Walker
2 years ago
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You saw her as an Angel, and that's all that is important here! You are definitely an Empathic soul!

2 years ago
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I have a friend who is an earth angel (no doubt about it).

I was talking briefly to another one recently (although it took me a couple of days to register that she was also an earth angel).

They are definitely out there, quietly making a wonderful difference.

Cheshire Cat
2 years ago
1,194 posts

Beautiful poem that seems to me to be an anthem for all empaths.

Thanks so much for sharing it here. :-)

2 years ago
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It must be wonderful to have a friend like that. I've lost track of this person but she obviously made an impression at the time.

2 years ago
898 posts

You're welcome and thank you, CCat:)

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