The lessons animals teach us

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3 years ago
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So has anyone felt the different way animals react according to your energy? I also feel like they all have a lesson to teach us, such as the joy that dogs embody, to the presence and assurance that horses give you, to the calming effect that swimming pisces have in a aquarium or the wondeful vibe of watching dolphins play around and communicate with each other on documentaries or at a delphinarium. The family sense and empathy of elephants. Not to talk about the disconnecting feeling of watching birds migrate or undertstanding that concentrating on the essence is the real way of withstanding anything, and regenerating yourself, like snakes and crocodilians do.

With each animal's survival technique that works there is a lesson to be learned about which truly brings balance to us as creatures living on the same Planet Earth, even if some do not agree we are the same or say that we are superior. I say we manage to complement our brain power that gives us the "superior" hand with just as inferior acts of being and behaving, like murder, promoting craziness and detachment or disrespect in front of real values, destroying each other's balance and ultimately, our own resources, the earth, and ourselves.

Think of what happens in Ukraine right now. Does anyone really think about the environmental consequences of using nuclear bombs? No. They don't. Money matters, social matters, artifical matters prime. And I believe they never felt tears running down when they saw a part of the forest they were accustomed to since little being teared down illegally by money-seeking people and leaving behind a mess and huge open areas of forests with previously great biodiversity (all kinds of weird insects, little mammals, reptiles (3 snake species and all kinds of lizards), amphibians, birds of prey, deer, hedgehogs, boars, singing birds/aquatic birds...). And with everybody being corrupt, nobody doing anything, even though old and precious trees were involved in the deforestation. And for what? So that the mayor's daughter could buy herself purses directly from Dubai.

And that was a corner for my soul, it gave me balance, i played and walked in there, listened to the sounds and the trees, imagining i will find elves if i go deeper into the forest while reading LOTR ( :))) ) or trying to imitate birds and find caves or weird signs. I used to play around in the river, finding turtles and once a huge water snake, and catching little fishes bare handed because they used to hide under the rocks.

So has anyone felt anything magical while being around animals? I have been passionated about animals, zoology and archeology since i was little, and i watched countless documentaries ann had many encyclopedias i used to read.I usually accompanied the "studies" with drawings.

[story starts! ;)) ]One of my most energising experiences so to say was last summer when i went to a horse riding equestrian centre,a nd it was amazing. I don't know why i was attracted to a certain dark bay young Lipizanner from the Maestoso line they had just bought, and we bonded. I never did that with a horse before, because i hadn't had the chance, and i never actually ever been so close to a horse until those 3 weeks i spent there! but one day I simply hold his head in my hands and suddenly my heart felt full of love for that buddy and i knew what that was. And I entered in his stall to groom him and he stood there so relaxed, so i started scratching him and he almost fell asleep and closed his eyes. I never gave him treats or anything. So when i wanted to finish he followed me through the stall and when i stretched my hand and said stop he stopped with a funny expression and when i let my hand down he approached again and wandered after me. He was so sweet! My instructor was really surprised and watched us through the window. The little stallion that i befriended previously broke 2 bridles and a fence and acted like a wild horse, because the guy that usually broke horses in used force, trying to control horses through a healthy respect mingled with more fear than was necessary. And many horses were quite reluctant to go into the shower, although they should have perceived it as one of the most relaxing routines, including this stallion (Merlin was his name). Merlin however followed me like a little doggy and i didn't need anything to make him go into the shower, and we both enjoyed the cleaning ^^

My instructor saw how close we got, so one day he asked me to mount him to test and see if he learned something (he was almost 3 years old, and Lipizzaners shouldn't start such a complex training unless at least 3-4 years old anyway) and he had no problems listening to the instructions and he had such a fast gallop xD (lounged) It was amazing, out of all the horses there this one was the most receptive (he was still young, again) and after we finished the lessons the trainer came and told me this was the third time he was mounted, and i was the second one apart from him that did it.

When the other saw it they thought god knows what would happen to me because Merlin was thought to be pretty reckless and crazy and still young with a lot of training to go... and i was so happy!

I definetly learned to be more confident in myself, more centered, more perceiving, open, friendly and balanced!

It was strange to impose my way of being with horses like that where everybody never saw horses as being so sensible and easy to deal with. And then there was this lady who came to me (she poseesed a white lipizzanner there and came daily) and she was still suffering after a fall she had a few months back, and she was verifying and treating the horses like they were her kids, and started talking with me about the law of attraction, universe, energies & co... Imagine my shock when i saw that she could sense stuff too! :)) And so many other things happened... i actually befriended everyone, i learned to do all kinds of things, like tacking them, picking the hooves, feeding them, and there were also families coming there ans askinf for details and i acted as a guide pretty often and enjoyed it so much, telling htem all i knew about horses! And the guys saw it and once, when dome foreigners came and because i was the only one around at that moment knowing English and french, they let me enter the ring and i hold a lesson while explaining them what they had to do! And the next day they even let me give a lessons for 5 minutes to some guys from Arabia! It was the most amazing thing ever! I even got invited to a party held at that centre and when the day ended they gave me a lift to the centre fo the city to be able and reach my grandparent's house at which i was staying :D and sometimes i would even stay with them and have a drink at their usual places and talk and laugh... it really was special. More than anything because i could show them what empathy towards animals is, how good it worked, and they understood and accepted me.

I was once trying to calm down another horse and i was just standing there trying to transmit him something else than the agitation he was used to, and one of the grromer saw me and asked that lady who told me asked me about the law of attraction & co "What is she doing? The horses won't respect her like that, they won't even pay attention" and she told him "That's just how she is, more sensible, let her be that way" or something similar and of course after that the scenes from above followed where i got invited to the party and hanged with them at the end of the day for a drink and talked and laughed :D

There were other people coming at the Centre previously just as attached to horses & co, so they probably saw a similar behaviour to mine previously, but definetly not expressed daily by a 17 years old girl who has never been around horses before for more than 2 hours! (I actually managed to convince my parents to go to 2 state Horse Studs but it wasn't the same kind of experience, although it was beautiful too)

I can honestly say that more than anything, the riding lessons also did wonders to my stomach area/solar plexus chakra and to my back (i have scoliosis unfortunately, and although it is notthatbad, or at least not that visible, the energy has problems around the stomach and i have to concentrate on it more than others to balance stuff) and to the third eye/crown area.

I also had a lot of lovely experiences with dogs, such as random buddies i've never seen before following me on street or while going to school and stuff like that xD I also have an affinity with kids. Or had. In the last period i've been quite stressed, nothing out of the ordinary happened.[/story ends :)) ]

Sooo... what about you guys? What kind of lessons did you learn/give? :D Have you ever had the chance to manifest empathy towards animals?

(unrelated p.s. thought: i will soon go to college, and i plan buying a Bonsai :)). I think they're lovely, and i was thinking, from what i've read/heard that they act like "emotional metres" and need attention and balance in order not to wither... i've always been very curious about them!)

I sometimes feel weird to talk about such things. I'm not even used to directly voicing such thoughts even though this forum is a very wecoming place for it.. I met various people, from Reiki practicioners, to an amazing bio energy therapeut who used to treat athletes & co... It is just that i think what if people don't believe in me or such ideas, if they are afraid to give up their ego and see the real situation in front of their eyes, or what if they try to transform a message into a bad one by infusing weird beliefs or ideas that have been deply rooted... (such as, "this is too weird" or "it's just your imagination, stop being a kid, the real world is different")

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3 years ago
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Indeed Diana... I somehow alway felt more natural around animals too, and some people saw it as a really strange thing. They have no idea how amazing it is and that animals are not the only ones we can perceive... yet I cannot help but wonder, if evolution really works, how come so little people understand such feelings/are open to going through such experiences that are always better for our soul?
Bill Walker
3 years ago
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Unfortunately, as to your why question, most humans are still way to engrossed in the materialistic world around them to realize how connected they really are to the rest of the world that surrounds them.

Kate you mentioned Reiki above, I just get the feeling that you should take the classes and become a Reiki instructor. I think that you would be wonderful using your gifts in this manner!

3 years ago
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Our 4 legged family members are love in training for us,

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