My journey into discovering my path with animals

9 years ago
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For those of you who already know me you know that I have always had a strong connection to animals. At age 5 I had my first experience with one of my guides, an upright walking white wolf. At the time I had no idea what she was and she scared me to death though her appearance perhaps save my friends and myself from the bed of rattlesnakes soon discovered. She led me away from the snakes along with my friends...I was the only child that saw her but so did my grandmother. I was running in fear but that drove me in the opposite direction of the snakes...

Animals and I have always had connections like a lot of people I rarely met an animal that didn't like me right away, even those prone to bite others would never harm me, always to the surprise of their owners. This has always been how I was with them...and then about a year ago I was being brought into the fold with more animals and could not understand started with the deer coming to my yard, the numbers got greater and there was no fear from them of me. The rabbits began to gather first there were three, then seven then nine and then I lost count. During this time I had noticed the collection of birds...the red tailed hawks would fly above me when I would start home from work in the afternoons, I would love watching their ballet in flight...they have since made their home in the trees in my yard. I have two sets that reside here. All along the blue birds were starting to hang around more and more. The one really interesting thing was the mockingbird that chose to sit on the window unit air conditioner...every morning he would be there looking in, and eventually began to tap on the glass when I would come into the room. This went on for a month. I was slowly starting to realize there is something about all these animals and myself and I still strive for the full understanding.

All summer and fall I have had little birds fly into my screened in porch and chatter at me, no fear just as though they were trying to tell me something. I have had bees, wood bees in particular that would come in and gather on the screen, each would stay there until their death. I tried to put food out but there was no hope. Some would last days even as much as 10 days alive...never leaving but like they just wanted to be near. I would have as many as 13 at a time gathered. They would be still until I would arrive home and then they would move around and buzz. I tried to figure out what their message is but I still am not sure. I know that after the mess in the Gulf of Mexico I became profoundly more aware of things around me in nature and perhaps this is what is happening with them. I now have four cats that live here, but only one is my cat. The foxes come through and bring their young as they seem to just be stopping by to say hello.

Now in the last two months I seem to have acquired a couple of possum that come on the porch at night, the cats have no problem with them coming up to eat and they creatures have no issue with me being out there with them. Of course I figure if they want closer contact they will make the move...

I am just wondering what any of your thoughts are on this...anything is welcome. I am most interested in knowing what my purpose is. I have been told I am a messenger.

Any thoughts????

Thank you for your input...

as always...blessing, peace and loving, healing light...


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