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This past November I lost one of my beloved dogs, Teddy. He died of cancer. On one of the last couple of days before he died, while resting on my bed, he "told" me that he was going to come back to me. (I am an empath) He was going to reincarnate. I was shocked. It was like in the movies where the car screeches to an abrupt stop. My head was spinning. First of all, I can barely stand the thought of human reincarnation. I find life to be a challenge and would be perfectly happy living on the other side permanently. But animals? I thought they went to the other side or to the Rainbow Bridge and waited for us. To me, that sounds like heaven; having all of our wonderful companions back. I literally spoke him to out loud. I told him, "Nooooo! You were such a wonderful dog. Go to heaven and enjoy your rewards! Don't come back here. Life is much too hard!" He insisted he was coming back. Me? I felt like a crazy person. Dog reincarnation? It must be the stress of taking care of a dying dog. How could that be a "thing?!"

He lived less than two days after he told me of this. I could "hear" what he wanted. He wanted to look similar. Same breed. He was going to be small. He liked being small. (Because I did?) He was going to retain his extreme intelligence but even have some other wonderful qualities that I would love. (How could he be even better?!) His life flashed before my eyes. He had a really good life. We learned a lot from each other and he was a great family pet.

The day he died was of course one of the worst days of my life. But I had a seed of hope. Maybe this dog reincarnation thing was true. I googled it and a couple of books popped up. I read them cover to cover. I was beginning to be a believer, reluctantly.

I began my journey. I was mourning but also kind of intrigued. It couldn't hurt, so I began my search. I thought about what he wanted so I started researching breeders. I found one that I thought was good. One of the presidents had used this breeder. But apparently that wasn't the one. I was lead to a different breeder entirely, who was located in the state he loved. He loved going to the beach there. This breeder had an exceptional litter coming up. Westminster winner on the mom's side and two time Eukanuba winner on the dad's side. This was a bit much for me. My little guy was from a few towns over born in someone's kitchen. Sweet as can be. I wasn't going to breed him so I wasn't sure about the need to have champion blood lines. And how much was this going to cost me?!

The wait was hard. But while I waited I did become certain that my dog was coming back to me. I re-read the part in one of the pet reincarnation books where someone asked if it's possible that you could miss your pet. (get the wrong one) And the author says, "NO. Nope, no way, no can do, huh uh. Not! Absolutely not! And NO!" That reassured me. The fact that the breeder sold him to me for a very reasonable price was also a sign. She feels that her puppies should go to everyone, not just "rich people."

I had the new puppy flown in at the end of March. My husband and I picked him up at the airport's cargo area. When we got him he was very excited to see us. It was like he already knew us. He smothered us with kisses and enjoyed the car ride home. When he got home, he was very happy to see our other dog. They get along great. The first day the other dog did put his paw on the new three pound puppy for several seconds while looking at me with questioning eyes. He took Teddy's death extremely hard. I'm not sure if he knew it was Teddy or if he was wondering why he was so small...? Not sure.

But here is what I am sure about. The first day when I fed the new puppy, he finished up then headed to his house-mate's bowl, took one swift lick then headed to the door to go out...which was Teddy's routine at every meal. I almost passed out! He looks like Teddy but is has his own unique body. The eyes are a little different, but very beautiful. When I look in his eyes I see the same soul. He has every great quality that Teddy had but added some more wonderful traits. He is the most intelligent dog I have ever had. (And Teddy knew over 100 English words!) That must have been the reason for the champion blood lines. He has been house-trained for a couple of weeks now (except for some marking at the pet store) which is basically un-heard of in a little male dog. He is five months old.

He wanted to be the alpha dog, which he wasn't before. He is taking that over quite nicely. Strangely, the new puppy even has some of the annoying traits that Teddy had: Barking while I prepare his food, taking a flying leap up my body to get to my neck, changing positions on the bed several times a night, drinking tons of water, (getting it everywhere!) But the good out-weighs the bad. He's home. It floors me. He is so much like Teddy that everyone messes up and CALLS him Teddy. Its funny because he answers to both his new name and his old one. I wish I could tell people..."Its okay. It really IS Teddy!" They would think I was insane.

If you got this far...thanks for reading. I wanted to let all of know that it really is possible for your pet to come back to you. Set your intentions. Put it out there into the universe and see what happens.

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Thank you for sharing this story. I lost a dog in January, very suddenly. A psychic told me she was too sad and tired to go on (I'd rescued her from an abusive situation) and wanted to return to me as a healthy puppy. I'm not very psychic, but I went puppy-shopping last week and found two shelter pups who really, really wanted to say hello. Lots of shelter dogs will look bored or not even look at you, but these two were enthusiastic. I ended up adopting both. I'm very happy with them, but I'm not sure if either is the reincarnation of my beloved "C". I guess time will tell.

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