my baby dogs now angels

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Mandii Moore
3 years ago
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last year my old baby (she was 12) midnight a chow lab mix died. she died when i was at my grandma's to this day i feel the heartache i wasn't with her. i found her as a puppy after a storm. she was the most calm loving dog you could ever meet. she just would lay there in your lap and let you hold her. after her passing her companion who midnight raised like her mother fell into a depression. every time i looked at her i could feel her pain. i decided to find a puppy for her to have a companion. i found this beautiful schnauzer puppy who we named lilo, i fell in love with her when i first saw her she walked out of the puppy pen and sat on my lap and there she stayed. i felt a connection with her. everyone who saw me with her said she is definitely my dog she chose me. sadly it was not to be, come to find out she was a very sick puppy and died two days after we adopted her. it sounds like she was an inbreed puppy.

we now found a new puppy a golden and lab mix she is a healthy young girl now running around and playing with my other dog. i love them both but my midnight and lilo will always be close in my heart.

what i really need is just some advice to deal with the heart ache. its been so long but the thought of them really hurts my heart, especially my midnight.

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3 years ago
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What I am going to suggest will sound a bit strange. Write them a letter and ask your guide/angel to deliver it and translate it for them. Write it and then burn it while making your request. Namaste

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