Message from Midnight

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Debbie Winchell (Loving Dove)
2 years ago
49 posts

I'm still having a difficult time getting over the death of my cat Midnight in November 2013. A while ago as part of one of my usually unusual dreams, I dreamed a small, wiry man came to me to tell me that Midnight said hello and she was all right.

A while later, after telling my remaining two cats that I won't be getting a third cat and they would have to learn to play together, I dreamed that Midnight was sitting next to a longish-haired black cat that had very light colored stripes on the front. I wonder if Midnight was showing me my next cat.

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Bill Walker
2 years ago
729 posts

Or perhaps her spirit guide that helped her to make the transition to the other side so you wouldn't worry about her as much. Just a thought, or maybe a hunch!

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