Getting back at an animal abuser.

Ruby Fox
Ruby Fox
3 years ago
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My new friends are 8 ducks and 1 chicken-but the owner of them is NOT a friend. If I knew the owner was some drunk hick I would have stolen these birds away from him. They always walk around in my neighbor hood (yes the chicken too) the ducks adopted her. Since two days ago, 4 are missing, and I know this because I will visit them where their home is. One of them had a gun shot wound too-I am so Pissed!!!! I think the owner did it. I called wildlife on him (why does he own ducks and a chicken in the city anyway?) thought he'd bring hick town with him? He told me that some people called him telling him they are going to take his animals away from him (GOOD) because someone called. Now I think he wants to cover his tracks..he gave me a weird look and said "come here often?" BASTARD I hope he doesn't hurt the rest. I have the pics to prove that there were 9 animals in all. Now the one with the gunshot wound is missing. He actually said dangerous turtles must have killed 4 of his birds when I asked. If he plans on hurting me, it will be the other way around-but no, I will not be coming there often anymore. But I will spy!

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