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Hi Everyone

Here is a link that will allow you to help feed shelter animals for free. Everyday that you click on and register your vote corporate sponsors will donate 2/3 of a bowl of food to an animal shelter. This then helps keep costs down and cuts back on euthansia while allowing the shelter to focus their funds elsewhere i.e. more staff, larger buildings,vet aid. You can also visit the gift store where you will find some great one of a kind gift ideas for the home, kitchen, jewellery, clothes, purses, footwear,gardenng, ecards,etc... . Also you will notice that at the top of the page this site connects to other great charities and causes. If you are a first time registrant they will donate three bowls of food to the shelters. You will also get a free gift of a "Purple Paws" key chain. I do this every morning when I get up and turn on my computer. It is a great way to start your day by helping animals and then "feeling" the positive energy that flows into you by helping those who have no chance to help themselves. Each day you will read two stories about how a rescued animal was helped and the joy they bring to the lives of everyone who knows them. You will be deeply touched.

The first link is to the registration area and the second link is to the main site whereyou can have a lookaround.



Also you can register your local shelter by entering them in a contest to win thousands of dollars.

In addition you may wish to share these links with your Facebook and Twitter accounts as well as sending it on to those in your mailing lists. Animals remind us what it is to be truly human and love unconditionally. As a way of saying thanks I offer you this song.


Throw some love into the wind


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