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4 years ago
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Thought I'd share with this group an experience I had today.

I was out running and thinking about my spirit guides. I've been trying to make a decision on something and was hoping for a little communication. I haven't been in contact with my guides for awhile.

About 2 minutes after this thought, as I was approaching the top of a big hill a pigeon swoops very close to my right shoulder and lands on the road in front of me.

We stared at each other for awhile, just me and the bird - no other animals or people around. I walked in different directions and he followed me! I started walking fast to the edge of the road - towards a field (to get him off the road). As I picked up my pace he took off, flew in a circle over my head and landed again behind me.

It was pretty incredible!

I call him a carrier pigeon sent by my guides - with a message for me :)

I'm sure others in this group have had similar experiences.

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4 years ago
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That's awesome. I once came face to face with a wolf. Two weeks later my ex passed so I feel the wolf and his death are connected.
Janett Niemi
4 years ago
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That is incredible! I love these kinds of things!

While waiting in line at a self-cleaning car wash, I had a crow land on the side mirror of my car. He looked at me and looked in the mirror, switching from the mirror to me and finally flying off.

After taking a breath (I was afraid to breath because I didn't want to scare the crow away) I realized that it fit what was going on in my life-I needed to take a good look at my myself (crow looking at me) reflect (crow looking at the mirror) and then wash away (the car wash) anything that I didn't need anymore.

Another pretty cool sign from the Universe. Crows are shamans sent from the other realm.

4 years ago
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Great stories - I have one more..

After my dad passed away I always thought that birds reminded me of him - especially ducks and geese.

My dad had a very peculiar sense of humor. I was at a family reunion one year, staying at my brothers house. Of course I was thinking about my dad during the reunion. One afternoon I poured myself a glass of wine. As I walked out into the back yard, wine glass in hand, a bird flying overhead pooped into my glass! A perfect aim!!

That was my dad & his sense of humor (also reminding me to watch my drinking) :)

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