Animal Empath Grief Over Bird and Fish Deaths in Arkansas (and other areas)

8 years ago
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We've been speculating about the cause of death for thousands of red winged black birds that fell dead from the sky in ARkansas and neighboring state Louisiana.

Last I heard over 100,000 fish were found dead as well. This really upsets me more than I am able to process at one time. I find myself mood switching as I swing from the elation I feel about wonderful things going on in my life vs. the mystery death of thousands of my little brothers and sisters.

I am just so sad. There are times when I am laughing so hard and then I remember and feel this

welling of tears inside. Like if I let this out...I would never stop crying. (I should say I'm also worried about my sister who lives in Arkansas.)

But this thread is to acknowledge and honor these little lives lost for some mysterious reason.

It's just so sad. It's just such a loss to the world. Thousands of little lights just going out all over the place.

Why? Is this something we can identify and fix?

I am many kinds of Empath, but today I'm all ANIMAL empath. And my heart is breaking. I suppose I could be feeling a collective surge about this, but I will own my part and honor these poor beautiful birds and fish....who just wanted to *be*.

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