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Debbie Winchell (Loving Dove)
Debbie Winchell (Loving Dove)
4 years ago
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I've just had a new experience. I have felt like that my cat Midnight is still here. A few things have happened that made me think she was here. Before I left for my first day of full-time work in five years, a large plastic container fell off the book shelf in front of me.I heard a cat jump from one spot to another near the window when both living cats were near me. One morning after a petting session on the sofa, Molly jumped up on the back of the sofa, then a few seconds later I heard a distinctive pong sound from the middle of the sofa cushion beside me. The nightbefore last while I was waiting to fall asleep, it felt like Midnight briefly put her paw on my leg.

As for the new experience, my mother gave me something that I wanted. I knew there was a black cast iron cat in existence that looked a lot like Midnight. My mother actually had it and gave it to me. I brought it home today and put it on the chest of drawers where Midnight liked to lie. Now I seem to know what Midnight feels or thinks, that she's very happy that I put it there, she feels like she can be a part of things again??? The message I got before was she hoped the cast iron cat would give us some comfort.

Molly spent an hour or two staring at the cat. After a long time she moved closer to it, with the hair raised on her back. She stared at the cat and then finally she slowly moved closer and sniffed it. Then she crept farther away. She actually came away from the windows and is sleeping by me now.

Apropros of nothing, several weeks ago I saw a grayish cat go racing by into the hall and Molly right after her. I thought she was chasing Emily. No, Emily wasin the living room lying on the chair. I guess it was my cat Tamsin who came back to play.

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