A squirrel caught my attention

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I came home the other day and when I stepped out of my car I was immediately being chattered too by a squirrel in the tree near me car. When I could see it I said hello and the squirrel came down to a branch in clear view and continued to talk to me! It was looking directly at me the whole time. It never left until I walked into the house. I am wondering if this may mean something. Does anyone have any insight? Thanks!

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Janett Niemi
last year
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What an extraordinarymessage! You must have had goosebumps after that encounter.

According to Denise Linn"s book, "Sign Dictionary," a squirrel can be a sign "of frugality and comfort through patience....telling you to make preparations for....leaner time...by stockpiling and storing" Pertaining to "stockpiling your energy or to creating a reserve of energy within yourself. Be prepared."

It's not meant to scare you, just out of love, be prepared for anything.

Bill Walker
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Animals, including squirrels, are much smarter then we give them credit for so he really could have been trying to communicate something to you! I would try putting peanuts out for him and see if he continues his dialog with you! Great story!

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