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5 Little Pieces, One Big Puzzle

By Christina Rogers, 2015-05-27

Here are the 5 most-simplified lessons we have learned over the past 5 years:

1. Nothing is personal.
No seriously, even when an agressor thinks it is personal, theyre still choosing when/how to act based on their own inner workings (fears/wants/needs).

2. Emotions are our teachers.
We need to stop stopping/hiding from them. Let them come, there are no bad emotions. Feel everything and you will be wiser and better equipped than those who suppress and hide from lifes lessons.

Which goes in conjunction with

3. Dont react immediately to anything. Sometimes, dont react at all.
Often what you perceived is just that, perceived. Trying to jump the grand canyon because youre convinced youre on the moon.might not work out as well as youd hoped.

These go well with it could always be worse, and this too shall pass'; but theyre so much more. While these two decisions may at times, seem THE hardest to maintain, they are the most powerful changes anyone can make in their lives.

5. You are WORTHY!
There are two main fears in the human condition: one is that youre not enough, and two is that you wont be loved. David Elliot

Okay, so if all our fears can be boiled down to the same thing, then why are we all fighting so hard? Because so many of us were not taught to value ourselves, to love ourselves, or to believe we are worthy of those things that we desire.

So next time you perceive that someone slights you, watch how it makes you feel, but dont react, because it wasnt personal, you both just want to be loved.

You certainly cant change/control others. But you CAN be happy. You can begin, now! I see you, I love you, you are WORTHY!

(thank you to all my friends/family/teachers who have patiently taught me all this, even if by accident😉)

Namaste Aho! <3


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Forgive Ourselves

By Christina Rogers, 2015-02-26

"See forgiveness as a journey not a destination."

We are not alone. "how to for" brings up "how to forgive yourself" as the top result in google. #human


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You Are....Perfect

By Christina Rogers, 2015-02-25

There are two main fears in the human condition: one is that you're "not enough, and two is that you won't be loved.

Know that neither of these are true. You are exactly who, what, where you were meant to be in every moment.


You are made of love and possess the incredible gifts that allow you to understand other humans at such a depth that words will never provide.

You don't "understand", you "know".

Practice self-worth, self-acceptance, Self-Efficacy separate from the opinions of others, and you will see all the symptoms disappear.

anxiety and depression over who loves/likes you, who needs you, why aren't you more...stop.

We are here to grow. In order to grow we must feel. In order to feel we must 'fail'.

You are perfect already. Everything else is just icing on the cake. <3


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By Christina Rogers, 2015-02-25
OMG THIS! This is what I've been f__ing saying this whole time, but never as beautiful and succinct. Bravo! *clapping

We are all one.

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By Christina Rogers, 2015-02-23

While waiting for forms to print, my client told me a story about perspective.

When I was 12, I was helping my father on the farm to shovel the manure. I asked him, Dad, why do you do this for a living? Why is it your job to shovel poo? He said, Son, you may be shoveling poo, while I am feeding the world.

He then thanked me for always being so patient and pleasant to work with, stating I have the right perspective. Awww! :)

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Empaths are the Alchemists of Energy

By Christina Rogers, 2015-01-09

wpid-img_78081969468404-238x300.jpeg?widDo you ever anthropomorphize? Assigning human life force/energy to things not human? Did you ever wonder if this is because your job as an empath is NOT to suck in everyone's energy, but to put out your own?

Empaths begin their lives as victims. The "Why Me?" syndrome is rampant as we discover who we are and WHY we are. It is a time in our world for us to stop this attitude and learn to become what we were created for.

What are we? We are the alchemists of energy for all!
Eve of The Empath Way explains it perfectly:
"Experience has taught me that we are all energy processors, transmuters and relay stations and I believe we are here to be this ultimately to learn about and experience Creation. If we process what comes to us and our reactions to it and learn to transmute the negative to positive, that positive energy is then what well relay to others, so we do not only serve ourselves, but other lifeforms as well."

She goes on to discuss our automatic reaction of FEAR and the solution. I highly suggest reading it.


Do not feel alone! There are people hurting everywhere; the more I'm actively in these groups, the more I know how many people hurt.
I believe it is a culmination!IMG_387592694963107-272x300.jpeg?width=2

"WAKE UP ALL," says the Universe, "I have a LOT for you to do, and you're not learning fast enough. HARDER LESSON GO!"

Non-reactivity is a fundamental lesson that all empaths should learn. Yoga teaching can help. Ourreacting to emotions that are like garbled, channeled messages we don't fully understand yet, is what causes our relationships to fail.

Keep saying to yourself always, "It's not personal. This is THEIR issue. It is not mine. It's not personal."FB_IMG_1419623012806-300x225.jpg?width=3

Most often we go into our days, our lives, and our relationships with a pair of 'fear' glasses on. "I hope I don't get another narcissist. I hope I don't get hurt"

What helped me? Being a bit more honest/rough on myself. Being PersonallyResponsible.For my emotions, for my actions based onothers' emotions, for what energy I was adding to the already negative surroundings.

STOP BEING A VICTIM! You can DO this! You have a job to do, and it's time.


"Dear self, welcome to life. We are here to BE hurt in order for us to grow. Empaths are tools. We have gifts so that we can perform tasks/duties we will be required to in our future.

You must take responsibility for your own feelings and actions and stop blaming others. Stop playing the victim.

Even others' emotions, once felt by you, in YOUR sphere, are now YOUR emotions to contend with. Own up to this.

Do not hide. Do not protect. TRANSMUTE!

Become so strong in your abilities and strength that you can take anyone's negative and turn it positive. You are the Alchemist of human energy, nay ALL energy.

I love you,


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The Greys??

By Christina Rogers, 2015-01-02

Had a crazy experience on NYE. Beauwanted to do some spiritual exploration after his grandmother died. During said exploration I experienced something new and strange.

In a world full of visuals and beautiful colors, I was also in a lot of pain (endometriosis). I was hiding my face in a pillow when I sensed my mother loving me and wanted to connect with me.greys2.jpg?width=236

Then my slightly taller father also tried to connect. At first I felt love and comfort and happy.

Then I realized that these entities were not the energies of my earthly parents. My earthly parents are also separated by thousands of miles.

Their almost pie slice of space in my visuals were completely grey with almost a light noise/tv static look, where everything around them was colorful and vivid.

I recoiled and stated matter-of-factly you are not my mother!


They left, for a while at least. Towards the end of the night, our music kept shutting down for no reason. I felt something awful in the room. I didnt know what to do except shout out loud Go away!

face-melt.jpg?width=148The rest of the night I had at least a pie slice in my view of completely B&W (and greys) with no color. It was very disturbing to me.

When I started falling asleep, I had nothing but foul images of eyeballs popping out of heads and faces melting off of skulls.

Only Beaus arms made it go away.

I was in so much pain, I gave in and took 500mg of Ibuprofen. Almost too instantly, I felt a patch of loving comfort over my pain. I say patch because the small areas bordering the relief still very much felt painful. Like the areas bordering a heating pad are still colder.

I finally fell asleep, but I cant remember a single dream. Only the sense that I was fighting against evil somehow.

Im so lost. Who were these entities? Were the grey Mother/Father the same as the blackness I felt? Who was healing my pain?

Im starting to enjoy these journeys less and less afterAugust. That was the last truly blessed journey I have been on.

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Segmented Sleep is Okay

By Christina Rogers, 2014-12-29

Everyone has been asking in the various empath groups I frequent about losing sleep, or waking during the witching hour every night. I thought it might be helpful to learn a few snippets to ease your concern.

For me, Ive found that I sleep best in two 2-4 hour blocks, with segment of wakefulness in-between. Because I work early, I will usually sleep from 9 PM, awaking somewhere in the middle of the night, say 1 AM-3 AM (give or take).

During the times when Im awake, I do NOT look at the clock! I try to lie in bed quietly. I will interpret my dreams, or meditate. If you like, there are evenphone appswith hypno sessions designed specifically for mid-night waking.

I learned, after 30 years of insomnia, that if I awoke, it was my concern/panic ABOUT being awake that was in fact, KEEPING ME AWAKE.

What you might be experiencing is known as Segmented Sleep. There are now plenty of scientists and researchers that argue this to be the correct way for a human to sleep.segmented-sleep2

Slumber Wise: Your Ancestors Didnt Sleep Like You

Segmented sleep, also known as divided sleep, bimodal sleep pattern, bifurcated sleep, or interrupted sleep, is a polyphasic or biphasic sleep pattern where two or more periods of sleep are punctuated by periods of wakefulness. Along with a nap (siesta) in the day, it has been argued that this is the natural pattern of human sleep. A case has been made that maintaining such a sleep pattern may be important in regulating stress.

Historian A. Roger Ekirch has argued that before the Industrial Revolution, segmented sleep was the dominant form of human slumber in Western civilization. He draws evidence from documents from the ancient, medieval, and modern world. Other historians, such as Craig Koslofsky, have endorsed Ekirchs analysis.

Now there ARE people that haverealinsomnia. If you have true true insomnia, an imbalance in Serotonin or Melatonin can cause this. Talk to a physician for your best path. Dont be discouraged if it takes a little while to discover what your best path is. Everyone is different.

Live Strong: How does Serotonin Affect Sleep

My story:

I was given theSSRIPaxil for insomnia/anxiety. Worked for a while, then stopped working. They piled on Trazodone. Stopped working.
Finally I got OFF of Paxil (*does celebration dance), took control of my life and health (food, exercise, depression)..and one more thing. Ayahuasca. I went through 3 ceremonies with Grandmother, and have been sleeping ever since.

I am inno way advocating use of any particular substance, Im simply sharing my story. I believe that the reason it worked was not necessarily any substance itself, but my removal of FEAR. If Im not panicked/anxious/depressed, Im able to turn over and return to sleep peacefully.

Every now and again, when Im stressed/depressed, or I drink a lot of alcohol/caffeine etc, Ill have trouble sleeping that night. But if I keep up my healthy regimen, I sleep like a baby.

peaceful sleep

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