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5 Little Pieces, One Big Puzzle

By: Christina Rogers
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Here are the 5 most-simplified lessons we have learned over the past 5 years:

1. Nothing is personal.
No seriously, even when an agressor thinks it is personal, theyre still choosing when/how to act based on their own inner workings (fears/wants/needs).

2. Emotions are our teachers.
We need to stop stopping/hiding from them. Let them come, there are no bad emotions. Feel everything and you will be wiser and better equipped than those who suppress and hide from lifes lessons.

Which goes in conjunction with

3. Dont react immediately to anything. Sometimes, dont react at all.
Often what you perceived is just that, perceived. Trying to jump the grand canyon because youre convinced youre on the moon.might not work out as well as youd hoped.

These go well with it could always be worse, and this too shall pass'; but theyre so much more. While these two decisions may at times, seem THE hardest to maintain, they are the most powerful changes anyone can make in their lives.

5. You are WORTHY!
There are two main fears in the human condition: one is that youre not enough, and two is that you wont be loved. David Elliot

Okay, so if all our fears can be boiled down to the same thing, then why are we all fighting so hard? Because so many of us were not taught to value ourselves, to love ourselves, or to believe we are worthy of those things that we desire.

So next time you perceive that someone slights you, watch how it makes you feel, but dont react, because it wasnt personal, you both just want to be loved.

You certainly cant change/control others. But you CAN be happy. You can begin, now! I see you, I love you, you are WORTHY!

(thank you to all my friends/family/teachers who have patiently taught me all this, even if by accident😉)

Namaste Aho! <3