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You Are....Perfect

By: Christina Rogers
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There are two main fears in the human condition: one is that you're "not enough, and two is that you won't be loved.

Know that neither of these are true. You are exactly who, what, where you were meant to be in every moment.


You are made of love and possess the incredible gifts that allow you to understand other humans at such a depth that words will never provide.

You don't "understand", you "know".

Practice self-worth, self-acceptance, Self-Efficacy separate from the opinions of others, and you will see all the symptoms disappear.

anxiety and depression over who loves/likes you, who needs you, why aren't you more...stop.

We are here to grow. In order to grow we must feel. In order to feel we must 'fail'.

You are perfect already. Everything else is just icing on the cake. <3