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The Greys??

By: Christina Rogers
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Had a crazy experience on NYE. Beauwanted to do some spiritual exploration after his grandmother died. During said exploration I experienced something new and strange.

In a world full of visuals and beautiful colors, I was also in a lot of pain (endometriosis). I was hiding my face in a pillow when I sensed my mother loving me and wanted to connect with me.greys2.jpg?width=236

Then my slightly taller father also tried to connect. At first I felt love and comfort and happy.

Then I realized that these entities were not the energies of my earthly parents. My earthly parents are also separated by thousands of miles.

Their almost pie slice of space in my visuals were completely grey with almost a light noise/tv static look, where everything around them was colorful and vivid.

I recoiled and stated matter-of-factly you are not my mother!


They left, for a while at least. Towards the end of the night, our music kept shutting down for no reason. I felt something awful in the room. I didnt know what to do except shout out loud Go away!

face-melt.jpg?width=148The rest of the night I had at least a pie slice in my view of completely B&W (and greys) with no color. It was very disturbing to me.

When I started falling asleep, I had nothing but foul images of eyeballs popping out of heads and faces melting off of skulls.

Only Beaus arms made it go away.

I was in so much pain, I gave in and took 500mg of Ibuprofen. Almost too instantly, I felt a patch of loving comfort over my pain. I say patch because the small areas bordering the relief still very much felt painful. Like the areas bordering a heating pad are still colder.

I finally fell asleep, but I cant remember a single dream. Only the sense that I was fighting against evil somehow.

Im so lost. Who were these entities? Were the grey Mother/Father the same as the blackness I felt? Who was healing my pain?

Im starting to enjoy these journeys less and less afterAugust. That was the last truly blessed journey I have been on.

Bill Walker
01/03/15 02:18:52PM @bill-walker:

I wrote this for someone else's discussion about the djinn, but it applies here as well!

I don't really know a great deal about the Djinn but will say this, we as humans live on a strange "Y" intersection with one leg of the y representing spiritual reality, one representing physical reality, and the third leg representing the Astral which is the crossroads between the other two. And I am quite certain that part of our lessons here in this reality is to make sense out of things that have been foreign to our understanding for quite sometime. The Djinn as well as many other races are most likely a part of this same crossroad and are part of our lesson both positive and negative! These are my feelings only!