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Lead a Horse to Water

By: Christina Rogers
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Commenting on another post, I realized something: The absolute hardest thing for me being an empath isnotpicking up other people's emotions; it is knowingbeforethem, and having to patiently wait for them to catch up in their own time.

My motherly/cancer/empath/healer instincts want to immediately help by sharing this new information with them. But often, they are not ready. People need to come upon how they feel themselves most of the time.

When they deny my observations, I often doubt my 'abilities' or what I have gleaned. I often find later, however, that they were just not ready.

Due to the commonality of this issue, I find that I am viewed as overbearing. I'm always teaching a lesson or sharing information I shouldn't in the hopes that it will result in resolution. Instead, however, they only wanted a shoulder to cry on, and to be 'understood'.

My S.O. has indicated that rather than focusing on solving everyone else's problems, I need to practice "Non-Reactive Listening". Just as if I were acknowledging that their energies/emotions are not my own, I must remember that their journey is not mine to affect unless specifically requested.

This year I will be focusing on myself. My body, owning what is mine and what is not, and staying out of others' business unless asked.