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A Step Backwards

By: Christina Rogers
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I just lost my ish in front of the entire department,VP included. Can't wait for THAT meeting

They were all staring at me demanding I pick a white elephant gift while I was getting yelled at on the phone. (Our system has been down for 1.5 days)

So I tried to wave them off, and just eventually lost it and grabbed a gift in a huff and sat down. They definitely had one of those "damn! okay!"

I feel like I definitely must be the only Highly Sensitive Person at my job. They really don't understand.

It's like when I yelled at my coworker in 2008 and had to go on meds because I blew up at her in front of my manager. I can't become that person labeled "emotionally unstable" by them again. I just can't. I've come so far!

And all this right before our annual reviews.

Emmy Long
12/19/14 10:52:24PM @emmy-long:
Haha. Skyshadows I thought of Ross as well. But in all seriousness I agree, one blow up now and then should be allowed. This is a stressful time of year for even the best of us without the added stress you had. I don't think its right of them to be upset with you over this. Ish happens :) Try not to be too hard on yourself.
Christina Rogers
12/23/14 07:41:12AM @christina-rogers:

Thank you everyone. I think I just got myself wrapped in a tizzy of fear. Those times in my life were bad and I just really didn't want to go back.

In truth, my boss was very supportive and we discussed "non-reactivity" that she has learned from yoga, she suggested I go more if I'm feeling stressed out. It was actually quite a nice discussion.

Maybe it was supposed to happen so that I could see how much my boss has really changed and how supportive and caring she is now compared to back then? *shrugs.

Thanks again for all your support!!