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Death, forced to change, and new beginnings

By: Christina Rogers
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The first total lunar eclipse in more than two years will grace the skies next Monday, and it's all the more rare because it will be visible above the entire Western Hemisphere.

During the overnight hours of April 14-15, sky gazers there will have a front-row seat as the full moon is painted red, creating what many call a "blood moon," as Earth's shadow creeps across the lunar disk.

Lunar eclipses occur only when there is a full moon and the sun, Earth, and moon are precisely aligned for our planet's shadow to turn out the lunar lights.

Chad: yes i know. this is supposed to be a very big deal. Also it's a blood moon on passover... the next blood moon this year on Sept 23rd on feast of tabernacles. This combo has only happened 3 other times in the past 2000 yrs, and it's a BIG deal when it does!

Christina: k, what does that mean?

Chad: well my mom is religious so she's all Armageddon news on it. I am just looking at the "grand cardinal cross" issue (astrology).

Christina: I'm amazing at retaining data, but Astrology eludes me. Very frustrating

Chad: I'll help. Susan miller's astrology zone is saying the matching SOLAR eclipse on 4/28 is when something is going to change and set the path for us for the next 20 years.

Christina: 0_o I just got a stomach butterfly

Chad: for the 4/15 LUNAR eclipse, and with the "grand cross," they are saying something will be forced to change/ letting go of old ways / etc.

The "Grand Cross" is the alignment in the sky; the cross is Jupiter across from Pluto and Uranus across from Mars. Or "versus" the other.

The Cosmic Story tells us there is a Cosmic Cross forming in our sky. Four archetypal Powers are taking their stand at the four corners of this cross. The cross stretches through the Cardinal signs of the Zodiac: Uranus stands in Aries, Jupiter in Cancer, Mars in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn. These four signs also preside over the changing of the seasons: Vernal Equinox/Aries, Summer Solstice/Cancer, Autumn Equinox/Libra and Winter Solstice/Capricorn. That makes this a very dynamic cross. It calls for movement and change.

What's interesting is the angles to each other of 13 degrees --- The 13th tarot card is death. Because of that, all over the internet, there is a lot of speculation.

Now to make it more intense: The 'blood moons' have historically always happened on Jewish holidays revolving around major events. 1492, 1948, 1967, and 2014

IF you can get past the religious stuff there is some history at this link. Little bit of bible, little bit of NASA. I know it's a lot to read :(

Suffice it to say, this set of red moons in April/September will be the 8th time. 8 is the number to signal 'new beginnings.'

Death, forced to change, and new beginnings....