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By chrismeles, 2015-09-23
I want to share with you guys about my definition of an empath, what i have come to understand along my journey is that we are members of light, And we have come to help humanity.. this is a 3D plane so we loose our memory when we enter our body. but most empaths find it very easy to remember where we really come from, our soul knows its true purpose so it kind of pushes us to search the truth and be concious of it. Humanity is facing lots of troubles and the frequency of humanity and the planet has become very low, it can be a destruction if we go back to the 2D, when the poles of the planets axis shift we must already have raised our frequency to the 4-5th dimention so it wont effect us. And humanity doesnt have much time. If we stay at this low frequency when the shift happens our conciousnes is gonna fall and it will be three days of darkness. Its three to four days, the last shift happened 26000 years ago and the darkness lasted 3 and a half days. If we fall back to the 2nd dimention we will even have to redscover fire again..and we will have 26000 years more to come to a so called christ conciousness. And we still have time to shift so GOD has sent us empaths to help humanity with this shift. Nobody can spread love or make someone happy like an empath. We are souldiers of God and we came here to give love so we can higher humanities frequency. The reason why we are sentive and why some of us use drugs, or even had suicidal because we see how cruel this world is, where we come from is pure light, pure love and peace..we didnt know about hate, war or evil. Because of that our soul is longing to go back home! In some way we know that this is not our home and we come from a much better place. The reason why most of us drink or use drugs is because we came from a place of a much higher frequency...And when we come to this earth..our sensitivity to the cruelness of this world lowers our frequency and we want to higher it by using drugs or alchohol. We were only sensitive to pure light peace and love. Evil is just not our nature. i advice you to meditate often so that you gain control over your emotions so that you have stability. And connect ore with nature and eat nature based foods so that your soul feels like home. So now that you know why you are here..spread the love and help people. Dont worry about people using you. You are here to be used. And no you are not that one nice person people like to take advantage of. Dont percieve it that way, see it as you are a souldier of the heavens and you are here to assist humanity. People with problems gravitate towards you cause you are the soldier of light and you have the power to impower people. Dont expect anything from anybody, just give. Dont overthink or analize just do. If you follow your soul purpose you will be rewarded. And dont be afraid to cry, cry to anything..cleanse, those of you who feel depressed, dont try to hide or get rid of your emotions, be true to what you are fewling. feel it all the way and let it go. Love.
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