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My dreams are getting worse

By: Cheye Ann Daugherty
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I can't figure out how to close em out. I feel like I'm trapped. My dreams about these weird creatures are draining me.I started to get headaches and there getting worse every time I fall asleep. Now I'm not sleeping haven't been to sleep in 29hs now and idk if I'm being paranoid and insulating or am I going mad...I'm starting to see these creatures while I'm awake... I don't know what to do. I just want to fall asleep again peicfully without any problem.Well my question is : Is this normal for a empath?.. Please let me know what you think. It will be greatly appreciated.
Cheye Ann Daugherty
11/18/15 08:49:57PM @cheye-ann-daugherty:
I'm only eating once a day now plus a increase in my smoking habit. Went from a pack a wk to a pack everyday. I've tried every sleep aid even seroquel from my doctor (500mg) and I'm still up.. Nothing is working. I've recently moved out of state. Which is the only thing that has changed other than my job was transferred up here. I'm happy well I feel happy other than the lack of sleep and its killing me.
11/18/15 10:05:08PM @womanwhowalks:

Have you moved into a house? I too suffered an increase in smoking , lightheadedness, too much sleep at times then too lil sleep...was crazy...and does your chest feel...if I was you I'd check for toxins in the air...pollutants...check all piping that lead to the furnace and water tank...always check that stuff...and I discovered that the sewer gases were leaking onto the check all that out...please....and plug it all up...

11/20/15 02:06:29PM @laog:

I had a similar thing happen to me pretty recently, saw a yellow snake it was so freaking vivid. My sleep cycle has also been crappy. Well, around this time of year students have exams and all that and people plan Christmas gifts and crap so I'm wondering if its just absorbed stress which messes with the empath circadian rhythm.

Cheye Ann Daugherty
11/24/15 03:02:09PM @cheye-ann-daugherty:
I have been to the doctor recently and he said I have physcosmatic (stress related damage never) so now on the right meds maybe I'll be fine..
11/24/15 09:08:46PM @womanwhowalks:

Well...I hope so too....I looked that up ....not sure I like the definition...but if the meds work that's great...

Cheye Ann Daugherty
11/24/15 09:17:41PM @cheye-ann-daugherty:
Technically if over stressed I have false heart attacks, seizures, blackout, ect.
christine k
08/04/17 04:52:09PM @christine-k:
You are not going mad! And you are most certainly not crazy. I only sleep every other night and not very well on those nights, I've had dreams of monsters creatures etc... Sence childhood and I'm only beginning to understand that my hypersensitve empathetic mind translates every little and big stress from the day into a creature in my dreams.I know it sounds kinda wierd but I suspect this may be what's going on with you. Last night one of these creatures was stalking me in my dreams and I was able to put aside fear face the creature and banish it by telling it no you must go" silly huh? But very effective it vanished immediately.You mention that you see them when you are awake as well, sweetheart you have not slept in 29 hrs and that can cause hallucinations. Trust me I've been there. Cheye I know how anxious and exhausted this makes one feel! If you choose to see a Dr they can be very helpfull and there is absolutely no shame in asking for help, in fact strong brave women are the ones who know when to seek help. If you choose to go it alone there are some natural remedies that work pretty well-melatonin is my favorite quick acting remedy, Valerian is helpfull bt takes awhile,your body may need a combo vitamin calcium magnesium and zinc very effective for longterm peacefull rest. I take it everyday to manage my sleep issues. I hope this gets better for you and you will be ok this is a common problem for us empaths. Blessings and rest to you. πŸ˜ŽπŸΆπŸ’–
christine k
08/04/17 04:58:25PM @christine-k:
Nicotine is a stimulant and it may help to not smoke or cut back right before bed. I smoke also but have to cut back and drink tea in the evening plus cigarettes and tea don't go that well together.😎🐢
08/09/17 06:21:41PM @angel:

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