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By: Cheye Ann Daugherty
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Need help with controlling the emotions and physical pain get from ppl everyday. It's starting to show at work that I don't want to be there and now it's to the point can't and refuse to be around others at home... I've always knew I was a empath of some sort. My mother is one but not a emotional empath, she always knows when one of her girls is pergnant by a dream she has... mine are much entense, like right now my brother in law has a bad tooth ache and I can feel the pain but my teeth are perfect.I just need more healthy ways to control it. I mediate and take long baths to ease What I can.. any suggestions?? It would mean a lot :)
Alexandria Coleman
09/05/15 04:17:02AM @alexandria-coleman:
I always knew at a young age what I was and I slowly built up a wall. I'm not sure how I guess it was a natural instinct but when my emotions are troubled the wall cracks sorta speak. What I do is workout. I go running. For me it seems to push everything out. I'm sorry about the physical pain. That I don't have but my body does ache from the pressure of everyone else's emotions and pains. I just try to have a focal point. I like to dream about if I had won the lottery how I would build my house. I can still continue on my daily task but I'm in a dream in my head. I can pass a good hour or so. To me it puts a warn clearing feeling over me. I hope it can be a help to you.
Cheye Ann Daugherty
09/05/15 03:12:23PM @cheye-ann-daugherty:
Ty for the ideas :)