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"I sure wish I was physically healthy enough to start an HSP/empath Meetup in my area. I would so love to see other empaths face to face. I often feel alone..."
Cheshire Cat
12/27/17 10:51:39PM @cheshire-cat:

Hello @mypath! I am sorry I do not remember asking this and am sorry if you took offense to something I said. I cannot find anything on my page or comments about it. Can you direct me to my question to you so I know what this reply is about? I do not remember saying I thought HSP and empaths were the same thing either, and I don't believe that anyway. I'd like the chance to clarify whatever it was, but can't find the original question and am unable to sleep, due to thinking I've upset you and not knowing why. Thank you and happy holidays, C. Cat

12/29/17 08:59:46AM @mypath:


Sorry, I am still filling my way around on this site.  So it really wasn't directed to you, but to Jim Hollows on HSP.

Cheshire Cat
12/29/17 09:06:04AM @cheshire-cat:

Hi @mypath,

    Thanks for the clarification. I thought I was really losing my memory for a minute there! Happy 2018 to you.....

     C. Cat

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