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I've been an empath all my life and gained some degree of additional abilities later on after I got sick. I was a psychiatric social worker, but am now disabled by Lyme Disease. My main interests are metaphysics, the paranormal, good reads and doing loads of research, and helping others with my illness. I love gardens, animals, and questioning absolutely everything!

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Cheshire Cat
@cheshire-cat • 38 minutes ago • comments: 0
Responded to "Has anyone done a past life regression?" in Empath
"Hi calmidwester, I have thought about this a lot too.....what could I have done that was so awful! There was nothing in the lives I was shown in my review...."
Cheshire Cat
@cheshire-cat • 3 hours ago • comments: 0
Responded to "Has anyone done a past life regression?" in Empath
"@calmidwester, Are you familiar with healing hands therapy where they just move their hands over you in certain energy patterns and do not even have to..."
Cheshire Cat
@cheshire-cat • 6 hours ago • comments: 0
Responded to "Has anyone done a past life regression?" in Empath
"I had a past life review done by a local psychic who had her own TV show at the time. The review was cheaper than a full blown regression, and since I can..."
Cheshire Cat
@cheshire-cat • 3 days ago • comments: 0
Responded to "Requesting a reading on what field to work in." in Request a Reading
"Hi merin-eliz, None of this post has to do with your job question, sorry! it is all about other things you mentioned. Re: The TV show ZOO:   The show is..."
Cheshire Cat
@cheshire-cat • 3 days ago • comments: 0
Responded to "Requesting a reading on what field to work in." in Request a Reading
"Thank you, Calmidwester. I am what is known as an "accidental addict" since it was prescribed, I never took extra, and in fact was constantly trying to get..."
Cheshire Cat
@cheshire-cat • 3 days ago • comments: 0
Responded to "Requesting a reading on what field to work in." in Request a Reading
"Meditation was impossible for me at first, but with the supplements I am taking now, I can listen to isochronic beat music with subliminal sleep messages...."
Cheshire Cat
@cheshire-cat • 3 days ago • comments: 0
Responded to "Requesting a reading on what field to work in." in Request a Reading
"I would LOVE to get some sleep. I am withdrawing from the hardest class of drugs to get off of in's harder than heroin to quit..."
Cheshire Cat
@cheshire-cat • 3 days ago • comments: 0
Responded to "Requesting a reading on what field to work in." in Request a Reading
"In the vision, you were in a large office in a city, and you were discussing something with two other coworkers. I did not feel you were the boss, but..."
Cheshire Cat
@cheshire-cat • 3 days ago • comments: 0
Responded to "Requesting a reading on what field to work in." in Request a Reading
"Hi merino-eliz,      When I read this, right away I saw you standing next to a drafting board, wearing earth toned clothes, all browns and greens......brown..."
Cheshire Cat
@cheshire-cat • 6 days ago • comments: 0
Responded to "Zodiac Signs of the characters in Alice in Wonderland" in New Age
"Hi merin-eliz! This thread is really a blast from the past! I wonder though.....where are all of Snake Medicine's posts that we are replying to? They do not..."


Moderator 2
10/09/13 08:42:56AM @moderator-2:

Welcome to the EC! Here are our community guidelines to help you navigate and contribute on site. Please read before posting. Enjoy your time here.

11/23/13 08:20:18AM @dice:


02/10/14 08:33:14PM @inlanddan:

Hey I found picture we could do.

07/27/14 06:01:42PM @paul:

Dear Cat. I just finished the remote Reiki session on you and your house. I can tell you that all your chakras are now cleared as is your house. I can send you a report in a file of Doc format. If you can't see it, I can send you a txt file. Down load it and let me know if you can open it. Cheshire%20cat%20.doc

Drink lots of water as the energy may take a while to work through you, its intelligent and knows where to go.

08/10/14 08:35:51PM @pat-starbridge:

Hey Cat, I couldn't comment on the photo as I remembered who it is. But dear lord, it's always a shock to see her when she young. Quite a change from her later years.

Gin S
01/24/15 04:32:54PM @gin-s:

Thank you. I was going to comment on your wall today but I didn't know what to say. I was totally missing my grandpa today and you picked up on it. Thank you for being such a close friend. I really wish we were closer in distance.

03/03/15 01:33:14AM @marissastardust:
Hello Cat. :)I saw a couple posts of yours and just wanted to let you know I think you are an amazing soul! Your post about not feeling in your physical body fascinated me (I often feel I am not connected to my physical body either). Would you mind telling me a bit more about Lyra (is that what it is?)? I don't know much about other planets or planes of the universe but think it sounds amazing! I would love to know more. I wonder if I could be experiencing the same sort of thing.Thank you so much and have a wonderful day!Marissa
04/02/15 06:22:58AM @paul:

Hope all is well here is one for you...


07/05/15 09:33:20AM @goodenergyhealing:

sure thing.

Other things I like to take (and which I get along well with, (just not as sure about their actual efficacya s with Vit D and Kefir): Maca; Black Seed Oil (5 drops in my Kefir); Vit C (timerelease); Seabuckthorn Oil (on pump in Kefir); CoQ10; NIacin (before sleep; the flush kind); , methylated B12 (as you mentioned too).

Regular energy cleansing meditations, loads of grounding work....

I'll look into your advise about that potential genetic malfunction, never heard about it before. (without forgetting though, that even genetic malfunctions can be healed - might just take a bit of time....)

Also just published a book about healing, the ethics of healing, the nature of energies on this planet (good and bad), etc. Hopefully earthier, more real and with it more positive than most other books I have read so far. You can 'look inside' on Amazon too., Not saying my understandings and answers are right, but I have not found any that more sense yet....

Love and Light

07/27/15 05:05:04PM @daydra:

Thank you for accepting my friend request cat :)

07/29/15 04:48:35PM @daydra:

Thank you Cat :)

10/20/15 09:59:05AM @gem:
Ahhh thank you! I visualise it myself very of my favourites to visualise so calming. Hugs x
07/08/16 08:13:59PM @demipanda:
Hmm what Wonderland character am I? I'd have to say Mad Hatter! He's absolutely fun! Fun! Fun! He has my persistent energy, my slightly insane intelligence, and he's completely and utterly different! His fashion style is AMAZING, the way he looks represents my personality well. Not through clothing but my literal personality. Also when I took a quiz long long time ago like maybe 30 mins ago it said I was the Mad Hatter, which is a choice I bathe in the glory of because it's true! Oh so true true true! lol
08/08/16 03:04:01PM @rosie333:

Dear Cheshire Cat, I;m sorry to respond so late I only just noticed the comments section now. Thamk you for being my friend!

Namaste R

08/09/16 05:15:44AM @tundra2:

Thank you for the invite! I have been feeling like an orange in a bowl full of apples!

Cat Whisperer
08/24/16 10:38:24AM @cat-whisperer:
Thanks...and thanks for accepting my friend request :)Funny, my sisters name is Rhonda, lol.
08/25/16 07:10:51AM @tundra2:

Thanks, I like that positive way to look at that. Funny, perfect time to get your reply, it was a very orange day for me yesterday!

sending some positive thoughts your way

09/18/16 07:51:25AM @paul:

Yay, still here. I was waiting to see what was going to happen to the forum. How about restarting the psychic experiments? I haven't got a clue with this new stuff.

09/21/16 08:57:59AM @paul:

Dear cat, I'm back and I started a new psychic experiment, should you like to visit please do so.  Your input is always appreciated and valued.

09/22/16 11:30:17PM @rosie333:

Dear Cheshire cat, I just spoke to a dear friend yesterday and she told me that when she looks into the mirror daily, she notices that her 'personality' is fluid and ever changing.

I found this interesting as I tend to see my personality as reasonably stable and unchangeable, at least not daily. She is an 'owl/dove' (disc inventory) and I am a parrot/dove/eagle. I would really appreciate your thoughts on this. Do you believe we are in continual 'flux' or do you think we operate within a 'template' with boundaries and a selfcorrecting mechanism when we feel our personality is not within its normal bounds.


Love and light r


09/26/16 10:33:27AM @paul:

Hey Cat, all the entries in the psychic experiment disappeared. I wonder what is going on?

Cheshire Cat
09/26/16 11:13:57AM @cheshire-cat:


 I think we need to fill out a contact form and tell Elise. When I try to reply to comments there, I only see your original post and nothing else except an ad for readings. I will try to find time soon if I get a work break. "contact" should be somewhere on your home page. I already filled out one problem report before and she took care of it quickly. Still bugs in this thing!

Cheshire Cat
09/26/16 11:18:17AM @cheshire-cat:

Hi Rosie,

 Just saw your comment and had no idea it was there, sorry. I am not sure how I feel about that. I seem to be the same person most of the time, except when Lyme rage takes over.... it's like being possessed. I do feel like others change into different people though, sometimes after decades of being stable, so maybe I do too. It makes sense to me that we would have a template, selected before incarnation, so as to stick to the path we've chosen. It's already too easy to get off our path, w/o drastic personality change! I don't know what a disc inventory is.....can you explain? Thanks,

C. Cat

Cheshire Cat
09/26/16 01:43:07PM @cheshire-cat:

Paul and anyone else interested,

I have looked and despite being logged in, I have found all of the other Groups I've checked are empty of all replies and do not have a "reply" button to add more replies. I have one thread that had 89 replies at one time, but now has nothing but my very first post in it. I have filed another support ticket to alert Elise/Moderators to this problem.  If you have time to check and find the same, please file a ticket too. This is a big bug to fix. Thanks.

Billy Jo
09/26/16 02:32:42PM @billy-jo:

Thankyou for accepting my request cheshire-cat :-)

I am having the same problem, and just filed a ticket about it.

Cheshire Cat
09/26/16 02:46:11PM @cheshire-cat:

Hi billy-jo,

Thanks for filling out a ticket.

I see you are from down under....have you made the acquaintance of Fly-Robin-Fly yet? She is also an Aussie and maybe with some synchronicity, you might live near enough to meet. :-)

P.S. I absolutely LOVE Koalas, though I've been told they are quite nasty when mating! They're so cute; it's hard to imagine them ever being nasty.

09/27/16 01:57:01AM @flyrobinfly:

Hi Cat, I don't feel comfy with the new forum. I've lost my photo, and all my old friends (except you). Are friends now called followers? Can't we talk to each other privately anymore?

Cheshire Cat
09/27/16 07:01:27AM @cheshire-cat:

Hi Robin,

You can put in a new photo if you lost yours, but I am not sure how. Friends are now followers and you can go through the members list by clicking members at the top of your profile page and re-requesting their friendship....that is how I got you back as a friend. You also can PM friends by clicking your name at the top of your profile page and then click on private messages in the menu that drops down and just follow directions.

To report any problems, since they are still getting the bugs out, click on your name at the top of your profile page, then click support in the drop down menu and fill out a new ticket explaining the problem....I would do this if you can't figure out how to post a new photo. I would also ask why you lost yours when so many did not. I notice many pics are missing in the members list, so it is not just you.

Elise worked very hard on transferring the data, but it was not easy and took her a long time.  There is a small learning curve in any new forum and this one is pretty easy once you get the hang of it. I know you can learn it. It's much  easier than FB....I gave up on FB, but I can do this one, lol. I am so glad you are back. Hang in there and it will all seem second nature soon! :-)

09/29/16 11:51:21PM @flyrobinfly:

Thanks Cat. I just have a small case of the 'can't be bothereds' at the moment. I'll get it sorted at some stage. Nice talking to you again.

10/21/16 11:23:21PM @1newhoknowz:
Hey Cheshire it's Aryi we used to speak all the time. Good friends with Paul and a few others left for a while. Expanded my life through loss but sense then I regained my power and I am back ready to join my fellow empathy again. Let's get this party started! How have you been?
02/14/17 02:37:17PM @angellight-worker:

HI.. I just wanted to connect to you again. I was on EC a few years ago. I was "Nana-Joy"  You helped me a lot. I just wanted to touch base with you again. After a whirl wind of horrid things,, I finally got to my awaking, just about a year ago,, I am free, happy, at peace, Spiritually, and Animals, I so relate to,, reading them I am enchanted by what they see, know, and have been through.. Again,,, So glad your still here,,,, "Stand In The Light"

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