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08/23/16 09:12:10AM @moderator-2:

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10/24/16 02:59:24PM @cherirnhealer:

This issue has been weighing on me for the last 3 years.

I am an empathic nurse and intuitive spiritual healer.  I have a low back condition and once a month I have to go to the pain management specialist office so I can get my pain medicine prescription.  I call this place the office of the walking wounded and like myself, everyone there is in pain.  Like everywhere I go I attract people who end up telling me all about their problems.  I accept that's my lot in life and I care about people and I always will.

I feel very heavy and sad when I go there and always the person sitting next to me ends up telling me about their about their pain. By the time I leave I end up feeling much worse than when  got there  I have never learned how to protect myself from other people's stuff and as a nurse I honestly considered my "gift" to be a curse.

How can I protect  myself in the doctor's office so I don't end up feeling so heavy and sad and in more discomfort by the time I leave?  Thanks for any advice.