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Locations with higher frequency or energy

By: Cat Whisperer
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Does anyone else feel that certain locations carry a higher vibrational frequency or energy? Or if it can put you in a higher vibrational frequency or energy?

Let me explain what has been happening. There is a large lake area that we go to on vacation every year. I have always been draw to this area since I started going there 20+ years ago. I absolutely love it there. However,this year, maybe it has to do with my awakening, I get a huge power surge when I go there. This past July we went there for a week on vacation with the kids & grandkids. I got so energized that I didn't sleep but 2 hours every night. Strange thing is I would wake up and feel like I had an 8 hour sleep session. Felt great, not tired at all. Also, my eating changes. I want more veggies and want to skip the meats. This went on all week. I think I got 8-10 hours of sleep the entire trip, but surprisingly I felt I had slept a normal (8hours) night. No tiredness whatsoever. My husband was concerned to say the least. On that trip we decided to buy a house at the lake.

Let me tell you what happened this past Labor Day weekend at the house. Again, major power surge. My Son-in-law joked asking if I was on drugs....I replied "On a natural high!" I again slept 3 hours the first night (I had been up for 20 hours, I pondered this as I lay awake in bed).4 hours the next. Eating habits changed again. I felt very groundedand centered the entire weekend......very zen. The people in our subdivision there are extremely friendly and happy also. You can feel the good energy there. We had two of the kids (my step kids)down (we have5)with the grandkids. My daughter-in-law had some words with her husband and were going to leave early but for some reason all of us adults were sitting in the living room just visiting, and for some reason we started...what I would call a "therapy session". Out of the blue we all started to talk about the challenges in a marriage and such. All of us laidour ownchallenges on the table. There was sooooo much honesty, love and healing going on. You could feel the healing and energy going on between all of us. This went on for several hours. Total bonding experience. After this "session" daughter-in-law decided that she wanted to stay :) This has NEVER happened before, as a lot of the family members aren't prone to discussing feelings & such. Also, that evening I totally bonded with my step daughter. Very deep conversation that led to her totally opening up to me about some very personal issues. Needless to say, everyone left the house very happy on their trips home. I have a very good feeling about this place! ;)

Cat Whisperer
09/10/15 10:08:15AM @cat-whisperer:
I am also a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. I have always noticed signs and messages. But Since my awakening and conciously channeling positive energy (the last few months) and thinking positive thoughts, things have been happening....really good things. There has been so much synchronicity. A lot of 11:11, 111, also.