New to the community - Trained Empath and Intuitive

By: CalgaryEmpath82
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I am new the empath community. I went through years of anxiety and fear of others , because I sponged every emotions I came in contact with.

Over the years, from reading every piece of information on being an empath I coukd getmy hands on, as well as meditation,arealp from mentors and teachers, as well as enlightenment from my spirit guides, I am now in control of my life.

I am introducing myself, as well as letting anyone new to discovering that they are an empath, that I am here to answer any questions that might help. You are not alone.

My name is Mike, and I am an empathic intuitive.

09/15/15 05:05:38AM @one-empath:

Thanks for sharing.

Yes empaths are like a sponge and thet have to protect their energy!

10/09/15 07:07:19AM @gem:
Hi Mike, I'm new to this community and the idea I could possibly be an empath. I'm not sure how to definitely know if I am? I definitely get overloaded with emotions and then I find I totally withdraw socially due to mental exhaustion and even physical issues. Many years ago I'd have been described as a sociable person and people often confided their problems to me..I'd often be left drained by some people but felt guilty if I didn't help and wanted to help despite how I'd sometimes be left feeling. Over the last 10yrs though emotionally oppressive situations led me to totally withdraw 3 times each time for a few months.How do I find out for sure if it's because I'm an empath?I hope you don't mind me asking.