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I always was (and still am quite often) called too sensitive. I thought it was a weakness in my life until recently. Now I am ready to use it as a strength! Unfortunately I have a lot of self-healing to do after 30 years of teaching and 25 years of a past marriage where he manipulated and lied to me (though I saw through him) making it hard to trust again. I have had 4 lower back surgeries and also a neurostimulator put in my upper back which caused me to retire early because it causes more pain than ever. I am trying to use holistic methods of healing. I have had experiences with dream warnings and seeing deceased relatives in dreams before. I have a firm spiritual self and have been drawn to prayer for people. I have trouble asking for myself in prayer so if you are so inclined please lift me up and ask for healing. thank you so much for adding me. I look forward to learning through and with you all. Dee

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