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I have been toying with the idea of producing a long list of old wives tales and remedies for all occasions, but i dont know how many I know. So while I was sitting here watching my box of frogs this one jumped out.To sort of bring the old to the new I have recently been working with chakra clearing and how to balance them, I believe this might be a useful tool that will help.How to put a spring in your step and lighten your load a little.1) Find a shoe lace or boot lace.2) Get some nail scissors or something to cut the shoe lace.3) A pen and paperNow put them on the side somewhere, where you can see them as you go about your day to day routines. Tomorrow is going to be the start of something new.Today you will need to think of four things in your life that you want to get rid of and list them in order of priority, as you go through your day and want to change the list or the order of priority cross out the old list and rewrite the list in the new order or priority. The object of the exercise is to acknowledge a mistake learn from it so it does not get repeated and let it go, a mistake would not be a mistake if it was repeated with no consequence.Example1) I let my brother take the blame for something i did when I was 5 and feel guilty. (guilt)2) I am angry with my neighbour. (anger)3) I argued with my child. (remorse)4) I didnt say goodbye to the bus driver. (regret)Before you go to bed take a last look at this list and starting with the top one cut the shoe lace in half, you can now consider this as cutting this emotion and action out of your life never to be carried again.With the half lace repeat the exercise with number two.With the qtr lace repeat with number three.With the eighth repeat with number four.After you have cut this out of your life wrap the remnants of the lace in your list and throw it away. Enjoy your nights sleep and look forward to a brighter day tomorrow. I have found this normally gives me a great meditation the next morning.Peace, Love and LightBruceI value all your comments, I don't believe any comment is bad so please feel free to comment or advise or suggest a website or book that may provide a broader understanding. I/we are all here to learn from each other.
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Bruces Box of Frogs 4 Poetry

By Bruce, 2009-10-16
The amazing thing about my box of frogs is I never know which one is going to jump into my arms. I have been working very closely with a friend recently and this one jumped out. I didn't know what to call it and my Angel is standing here smiling so I'm going to call it.THANK YOUIll do my crying in the rainSo that you will never see my pain,I will lean upon the treeWhere you can lean on me.Ill wrap my arms around youIll let the branches shelter me,Ill smile down upon youI have my Angel, to smile on me.Ill hold you and I will cherish you, and will worship the ground you walk on.but I will wait until its raining,So you never see my pain...I stand beneath my tree aloneI stand here and count my blessingsI hear my Angel whispering"let her shine, let her shine"... I am so glad shes mine...I walk across the meadowShe is alongside me,I know where I am goingMy Angel is helping me...I expect to see your shadowFlashing on the ground,Your shadow isnt thereThere isnt anyone around...Just my Angel carrying me.Watch you shine! Let you shine... "I am so glad youre mine"...
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Following on from my daily meditation, This is a quick meditation I use to top up throughout the day and takes anything from 5 mins to as long as you feel comfortable. I prefer to stand up when I do this exercise and so doesrequire caution if you do decide to stand up because it can cause dizziness. So do be careful.I am assuming that you have already started your day with my daily meditation and are familiar with creating a column of light.Stand in front of a couch or wall so that if you do feel dizzy or unco-ordinated at any time all you need to do is sit or lean back.Stand for a minute and breathe arms by your side feet evenly spaced apart.Breathe in deeply and out shallowly, gradually your lungs will calm and work as one with your heart be aware of this.Close your eyes and picture the light from the crystal, the all encompassing light that you felt this morning.As you begin to feel the energy returning with your minds eye picture grass beneath your feet, tread it down a little, flatten it so you have a solid base to stand on .Breathe in deeply and out shallowly, slowly.As the light begins to form and your mind clears, the light and energy will flood back into your body.Breathe in deeply and out shallowly.Allow the energy to flow, allow it to come into your body feel the presence of this all encompassing light, remember the smell and the taste from this morning, remember it's purity.Breathe gently and inhale this pure energy and light.Lift your arms and allow the energy to circulate around your body, as you lower your arms feel the energy wrapping it self around you, like a warm bed on a cold night.See yourself inside a bubble and this pure energy/light is infiltrating the bubble and flowing all around you. The only thing inside this bubble is this pure unconditional all encompassing energy and you. Feel this intensitywith every fibre of your body and soul.Breathe in deeply and out shallowly, enjoy this moment.... Savour it.When you are ready allow this energy to disperse allow it to travel down through your body into your feet, into the grass, return it to the place it came from, allow your bubble to evaporate slowly gently.To end the meditation give thanks, shake your arms, open your eyes and move your feet dont be surprised if your feet and legs are heavy. You should be feeling like a feather blowing in the wind farely quickly, and totally invigorated.Please give me feed back and let me know if this worked for you or if you had problems with it. I am able to complete this in 5 to 10 minutes and whilst this shouldnt be rushed it gives me a lovely interval from asometimes weary day. Why start a great day once when doing this refreshes and improves what is already a great day?Peace Love and Light to youBruceMy angel has stood beside me many times, and is always there when I do this. If you doubt if your angels are around ask them to come forward and introduce themself.I frequently use this meditation before practicing or tuning my potential skills, my next blog is hopefully listening to a picture or seeing a sound. My potential gifts are like a box of frogs I just don't know what is going to happen next.
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Bruce's Box of Frogs blog

By Bruce, 2009-10-09
My Favourite Meditation.After a long relaxing soak in a bath.Lay down on bed arms by your side, with eyes closed and breathe slowly, think about your breathing and your heart rate. Think about how great the two work together.Breathe in deeply and out shallowly, gradually your heart and lungs work as one be aware of this. Make a dedication for the energy generated from this meditation to (whatever you want) I generally give it to the day ahead or to ensure the peace of those around me.Bring your hands together across your chest as if in prayer.Breathe in deeply and out shallowly, slowly.Stretch your arms keeping your palms together until your arms are fully extended. See in your minds eye that at the end of your finger tips is a crystal and this crystal is shining/pulsing gathering energy.Work with your breathing and the energy this crystal is producing by keeping your fingertips together and opening your palms. Allow the energy to fill the space between your palms see the energy and feel the tingle in your hands.Keeping your fingertips together and stretching and closing your hands mould the energy and in your minds eye see the energy the intensity and the brightness.Breathe in deeply and out shallowly Keeping your arms outstretched move your hands apart slowly and feel theenergy expand and closing your hands feel it getting bigger so that it is difficult to close your hands.Bring your hands down to your chest fingertips together and feel the presence of the energy close to your chest feel it penetrating. Feel it oozing into your body, smell it, taste it and feel it.Move your hands apart slowly so that both hands are chest height and in line with the side of your body, in your minds eye see the light and energy radiating between your hands feel the light shining out of your bodyimagine a column of pure light and you are a part of this column.Breathe gently and inhale this pure energy and light.Spread your arms and embrace this moment. As this eternal light fills the room and emanates pure unconditional love, this eternal light is all encompassing it leaves no shadows.Confirm the intention and dedicate this beautiful energy to your cause and as you go through your day remember and breathe in the scent and enjoy the sensation.To end the meditation give thanks and bring your arms to your side and open your eyes, when you are ready resume the start of the great day ahead.Please give me feed back and let me know if this worked for you or if you had problems with it. I use this meditation and it takes me about half hour and I am totally prepared for the day ahead. I also use this as top ups during the day I am able to do 5 min meditations using this one as a base.I am learning every day differing techniques.Peace Love and Light to youBruceMy angel has held my hands many times, and is always there when I do this. If you doubt if your angels are around ask them to come forward and introduce themself.
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