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The Fountain

By Bruce, 2010-05-22

In my dreams I frequently travel to "My Place", my journey is probably no different and no more unique than your own. I travelled my journey many times and each time it reveals a little more or something different or offers a different perspective on this occasion my Angel is not with me but my two guides are eager for me to learn... "Something!"

I begin my journey laying on a sunlounger in my garden, I am reading my book and it is a glorious sunny day with temperature around 85-90*. As I lay absorbing the rays, my eyes are heavy and I drift in and out of near sobriety I think of the people on here and try to focus on them and send them love and good intentions. I think of my recent visit to the forest and the lessons given to me recently, I have my feet firmly planted in the grass and ask "Mother Earth" for the wisdom to accept and understand the lessons correctly, as "Father Sun" shines brightly and warms my soul I ask him for the humility and grace to be able to accept things for what they are and not for what I want or expect them to be, while I am contemplating and considering the gifts of everything presented to me lately I again drift and my journey begins.

I am walking across a meadow through grass that is well kept and is about ankle length high, so it is easy going but slightly uphill. I approach woodland that has an opening into the forest this is a natural arch caused by two Hawthorn trees one on each side of the path. As i step under this arch the heat of the day disappears and I am in a Birch grove with ferns, bracken and bramble on both sides of the path I reach down and pick one of the blackberries and enjoy its sweet juice, I want to stay and pick more but my guide is hurrying me along. He is a tall handsome dude that has an eagle face on a wolfs head, he does reveal himself occasionally but most of the time he is a figment of my imagination or so I pretend to myself. (lol) I continue to walk and will not be hurried, my other guide is a deer she is special and will only show herself to me if I am being nice. (( she is correcting me and telling me she is an Eilid) she doesnt care what I call her but she does like me to be correct.) i continue my journey with one guide leading me and trying to get me to move faster and my other guide walking alongside me occasionally pushing up against me, I stop and listen to the stream I cant see it but can hear it, I am guessing it is under the bramble we have moved to the edge of the forest and there is a meadow of the most beautiful flowers alongside the stream that has revealed itself. I am now walking between the edge of the forest and the stream with the meadow of flowers to my left on the other side of the stream. My deer (Eilid) guide is between me and the stream and there are hundreds of butterflies in the meadow, there is quite a steep hill to climb and as I begin the almost climb I look across the meadow to see a lone unicorn standing proud watching me... It is breathtaking to see this magnificent animal standing majestically whilst retaining it shyness, I face it head on and tip my head, I bring my palms together in salutation and this beautiful animal bowed to me and watched as my guide pushed me along. I climb this steep hill and as I reach the top my other guide is sitting with a sarcastic dry smile watching me struggle as i reach flat ground. I approach him and can see the hollow of the rock pool, it is like a bubbling spring and has flowers all around it, my deer walks up and sips the cool water, she looks at me and continues to drink.

I look around and can see for miles, this is an awesome place. I am looking out across the lands and can see the forest below, I can see "Butterfly Meadow" (the name seemed appropriate) if I walk to the other side I know i will be able to see what is there but now is not the time. I again approach this table top rock and look at the water cascading over the sides. My Eilid guide drank from the pool at the top but my dude guide is telling me I must drink from the cascade of water that spills from the sides, he tells me that each of the cascades is one of my senses and it is now that I realise that there are five points where the water flows over the side. I made my hand into a cup shape and allowed the water to flow over it I leaned down to drink the water from my palm and as I tasted the water I was made aware of the taste of this purist of pure water, this water made me feel so alive, the taste buds on my tongue were invigorated, the bottom of my mouth was cleansed, the roof of my mouth was almost painful and as the water travelled into my throat it opened and flushed down into my stomach like a sorbet on a hot summers day. So this was taste and was the first of the five senses.

At this point I was stopped by my dude guide and was told that I can return to this place any time and that I should consider what has been shown to me today and contemplate what the five senses are and what they do, he also told me not to drink from the pool until I have drank from the five cascades.

to be cont.

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This is a bit of an oddball but hopefully will very briefly outline "dark" I have been priviledged of late to experience a peace, love and light that I have never experienced before and it is with my eternal gratitude that I give to you my thanks and my "unconditional love".

I stand alone at the top of the mountain looking out across a view that defies belief, this is breathtakingly beautiful, to be able to breathe in the scenery, the trees, mountains, meadows, streams and to be able to become one with all that is good. This community is me, I am the community and we are 1... We stand alone together.

There is a storm coming the dark clouds with their purple haze, the grey clouds with their fluffy edges and with every storm something new something unique an appeal that attracts at least one. This time it has attracted me.

I stand and stare at this wonderous creation coming towards me this storm is awesome for as it creeps across the sky and day turns almost to night in the trail of the shadows cast, I cant help but wonder why so many storms are late evening and run into the night. I consider my options carefully and decide to head home.

The darkness of the storm is upon me as I walk carefully down the mountain avoiding slippery ground under foot whilst wiping the rain from my eyes. A bolt of lightening followed by an immediate thunderous round of applause makes me jump, I turn and see the steam rising from the rock it has struck, the round of applause was almost mocking as I jumped and caught my moment of fear before regaining composure to continue on my way. The rain is heavy and I feel I have gained 50lbs, the rain with the fresh mists rising have reduced my vision to short range combined with the slippery grass underfoot and the noise of the storm, fear is settling upon me. Maybe this is a journey to put off til tomorrow... I slip and tear my trouser leg, the warm blood is a comforting sensation against the pain of the cut skin.

I sit and rest under a tree wrapping and tucking my trouser leg into my sock to stop it from flapping, the blood has stopped flowing the coldness of the sweeping rain taking the warmth and helping it to congeal. It would be easy to rest and sleep I feel heavy, sluggish, my speech is slurred my legs are refusing to co-operate.

It is dark from the shadow of the tree and the shadows from the dark skys sweep across the landscape, the once beautiful colours tarnished with a dulling from the storm. I see the branch to late and feel the thorns as it whips across my face, I feel the relief as the blood once again flows from within and the easy sensations from the warm blood arouse me. I am forced to limp and am now forced to hold my head low, I want to walk tall with head held high but alas I cannot the situation is against me. I feel the inner scream rising. "This is not what I do, I am not alone."

I stand tall and lift my head I am proud I do not deserve this! I look as far as I can but the darkness is here, the fog has come down and this fog is thick I stretch out my arm and struggle to see my hand, I look down and am unable to see the ground, I look up and the darkness is close. I struggle to understand how I got here, I could be anywhere, no where the only thing I know for sure is this is my problem and so go on I must. I promise myself "I will not surrender", I take an oath and promise myself that all will be well. The darkness has changed again, the fog has been replaced with water it is like walking through water black dark water, breathing is difficult I find myself breathing very slowly as if dragging the oxygen from a filter as I breathe I realise I am unable to move fast, with head held low and limping I am now unable to stretch as the effort will be to much. My inner flame is small it is hiding it is seeking companion, my once burning flame that attracted so many and shone so brightly within the community is now a smouldering ember with no light to help it burn it has turned to an ember covered in a crust of ash. I feel the shard of the rock as it tears at my leg, I fall and know this will hurt I cannot see where I fall, I attempt to judo roll but instead manage a half twist. I have protected my beautiful face as my shoulder strikes the hard ground and I feel my body sliding along the harsh stoney ground as it tears flesh from my arm in my efforts to protect my face. I now realise I am alone...

Before it was dark but now it is black, before it was like walking through a dark water and it was possible to breathe and move but the water has changed, it is like walking through a black sand storm. The sand is black and it is sharp it tears at the flesh when I move, the pain is beyond comprehension I have choices to make stand and breathe or move? I cannot do both! I stoop and shield my face as I try to breathe in enough energy to move the one step that it will take to move forward. My once beautiful face has been torn, my temple like body that I worshipped is all but gone. My flame within is now heavy and encrusted with ash and is laying in the pit of my stomach it no longer burns, it is instead? waiting for the end to come!

"I am Me" my inner scream echos, but the echo doesnt echo instead it lands like a caught fish floundering at my feet. The black has changed it is no longer black, black was recognisable it was distinct it was almost welcoming because it was the only thing I could recognise but now this is new territory this is something -BARBARIC- I wanted to go back along the same path maybe I could make it, maybe I could get back to the dark water and maybe build strength? I questioned myself and asked the 1000 questions that one does when seeking something. I tried to step forward and looked forward to the pain I knew would come but the pain wasnt there because the pain barrier was gone, I removed my clothes to experience the fresh blackness but felt nothing as the sand tore at the remaining flesh. I looked but could not see, I moved but did not move, I tried to remember anything but there was no memory, I stood and waited and for what I did not know. It came with such barbaric ferocity it was impossible to defend against, wave upon wave of nothingness it was relentless and without mercy and it stopped for only as long as it takes to recognise that it stopped before beginning again. I understand the difference between nothing and waves of nothing and almost amuse myself trying to calculate the wave of nothing against what is nothing and I laugh at my isolation and depraved attempt at what has become normality. How long I am here I do not know, how long I have been here matters not and how long I remain here is not my choice...

I hear my girlfriend calling and I open my eyes and look at her... My angel... My destiny... My Saviour... and I weep...

She sits beside me in this snug of rocks and we are protected from the elements, she stretches her lil stubby arms around my broad sholders her tiny hands sneak into mine and I am safe, I check my watch and realise just 5 mins have passed and as we walk along in the quiet serenty of mother earths delights my future wife turned and said in her angelic scottish accent "you are my man." To which I replied "unconditional love" and we became one.

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I sit beneath my tree and weep for what reason I do not know.I look out across the the forest from the crown of the hill and watch the sun set, the orange embers settling the birds as they seek their resting places for the night. I am sat on a bench on a cold winters evening in front of "my Oak" and have two mighty Pines one to each side of me, as I push my feet into the earth and push my back into the wooden slat of the bench and I turn a stone. This stone is like no other it talks, it screams, it vibrates and it is cold, as I bend to pick it up there is a feather pure white and as soft as moonlight is supposed to be.As I clean this stone and look up into the uppermost branches of these magnificent pines, I am no longer cold and am no longer sitting on the bench instead I am reaching outwards for the last touches of warm sunlight. I am reaching up and can feel the energy lifting me higher and higher into the tops of the last leaves on the branch to catch the last sunray the last bit of heat before the chill of the north wind reduces me to stillness. The last warm sunray was caught and with quiet resignation my energies withdraw to the trunk to settle and coerce the birds and squirrels to draw closer, my leaves fold inwards to protect the softer branches and my bark wraps tight encasing my energy within.My love for my friends around me is without flaw I love the moss that has grown into the name carved into my bark. I love the youth that took pride in carving his name. I love the ferns that carpet the ground around my base, forcing my roots to go deeper to find solid ground. I love the termites that burrow into my branches for these feed the birds that comfort me every night. I love the youth that lit fires and scarred me, because the scars stopped the stags from scratching their antlers against me. I love the youths that urinated over me, because they extinguished the flames that were scarring me. I love the trees near me as they protect me from the winds blowing from all points of the compass, as they love me because together we are strong. I love the winds that blow against me for they bring the elementals for comfort. I love the sun for the scorching heat to make me strong and light. I love the moon for the love she brings that she reminds me to share. I hear a dog barking and the tree has removed me, I am again sitting on the bench polishing this stone and as the solitary rider approaches he laughs and says "you gave me an awful fright I thought you were dead", I laughed with him and he galloped away with his dog before him.I say to my tree out loud and very indignantly "why don't you share your other emotions?" the reply was this:"There are other emotions?"As if by magic my new guide whispers "are you going to tell him there are other emotions?" I thank my guide and the tree for allowing me to share.I wander slowly back to reality as the full moon climbs slowly upwards lighting my way, and smiling. "As she always does"
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With the moon being what it is this weekend Dec 31st 2009, my frogs have been very active loads of new stuff started but notalot worthy of bringing forward, but this one landed in my lap. I hope you enjoy it.What you are going to do is write a letter and this letter is going to consist of anything you feel is wrong in your life, it can be as long as you like or as short as you like but it is to be on one sheet of paper at the end of the letter it is to finish with words to the effect of I am sorry for carrying all of these negative feelings around for so long and now I release them.Now fold the paper in half with the writing inside. (1st fold)With the fold at the top look at the paper and decide if you want to write another letter again to yourself or you can choose to write a single word or a short message to yourself. This is to be a negative word, a thought, an action and is to be finished with I release this.Now fold the paper in half with the writing inside. (2nd Fold)With the fold at the top look at the paper and decide if you want to write another letter again to yourself or you can choose to write a single word or a short message to yourself. This is to be a negative word, a thought, an action and is to be finished with I release this.Now fold the paper in half with the writing inside. (3rd Fold)I am sure you get the idea by now and you will realise how important it is to carefully choose which one you are going to let go next.Now fold the paper in half with the writing inside. (4th Fold)Dont worry about how much more you want to let go for today is about what you want to let go TODAY.Now fold the paper in half with the writing inside. (5th Fold)Its looking kind of interesting and you are almost definately laughing by now as you prepare for the last one in this sheet of release.Now fold the paper in half with the writing inside. (6th Fold)You have a choice of what to do with this little packet of misery that you are about to let go, my personal favourite is to let water soak it while I squeeze it and wash it and turn it to pulp before I bin it.Peace, Love and LightAngel BlessingsBruce
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A Box of Frogs 8 The Old Man

By Bruce, 2009-12-08
Do you ever struggle to count your blessings because maybe you take the day for granted, I recently mistook a stranger for a friend and it left me confused and scared because I struggle to understand cruelty. After much soul searching this came out of my box of frogs, I hope it makes you laugh and helps you to appreciate the small things that contribute to a blessing that can be counted. A dog wagging its tail or the smell of toast, something simpler like a childs kiss or even simpler a body that is whole that can feel sensations.The old man laid in bed scared to move for fear of pain, as he laid there he attempted to move an arm but was caught unawares of the numbness felt.. there... where his arm used to be! The combination of drugs, age and the just woken up feeling of drudgery had definately kicked in. He moved a little and felt a lump in the mattress he used the other arm to gently find the lump and and as he felt the length of this strange lump that was causing confusion he realised he had been laying on his arm and it had gone to sleep. As he shuffled and wriggled in the bed trying to shift the weight of his body away from the arm, the pain returned to him without warning and without reserve. The deep breaths and self induced hypnotic stance helped and he laid still waiting for this wave of pain to subside. As the pain subsided a fresh pain was beginning and a quiet resignation struck the old mans face this was a pain he was used to, the intensity of the pain was no surprise as tears flowed down his cheeks and with deep breaths and a determination not to cry out the pain came into his arm as the blood returned. The old man lay quiet with tears flowing he was in a different place listening to his children in the playground, listening to the joy of their youth. The pain in his arm was was slowly ebbing away, the feeling was returning to his hand but now a fresh problem, there was movement at the bedroom door, he tried to use his arms to get the quilt above his head he didnt want the children to see his plight. The door opened and children entered, they crept to the bedside table and placed coffee and toast they peaked over the top of the quilt to try and see the old man as he lay pretending to sleep. The younger child leaned in and kissed the top of his head. love you dad with chuckles and giggles and with the love that only children can give they left the room, quietly closing the bedroom door behind them.The smell of the coffee, fresh toast and butter the old man tried to move, his shoulder had started to seep he could feel the moisture as it rolled down from the bruising. He pulled at the quilt trying to move it away from his face and as he struggled another movement at the bedroom door, his angel was there... His rock, his saviour, his reason for living.... His wife! She helped him to sit up and moved the plate of toast to his lap, his mouth felt likethe bottom of a parrot cage, his appetite was gone, he wanted to drink but his hands could not hold the cup, the meds caused the shakes and his fingers would not grip. His wife used guauze to moisten his lips then with an angels touch she washed his face and upper body, no words were spoken as she worked patiently, gently and with care and love. He had a new pain developing that embarrassed him, this pain was his bladder he needed to wee. His wife had finished and returned to the children they were ready for school with coats ready and waiting at the street door for permission to open the door and wait at the gate. Wife returned to him and sensing the embarassment she helped him to move his legs to the side of the bed and gently placed his feet feet on the floor, she called to the children who ran to the gate, then gave him a peck on the forehead and a promise to returnquickly.He leaned forward and decided against it, his head felt like it would fall from his shoulders. He twisted sideways the intent being one side up then the other but again pain seared through his chest so he stopped. The frustration at boiling point and hot tears flowed, scolding tears, the sort of tears that come from the soul that only get discovered once in a life time. He wiggled down the bed one bum cheek at a time and reached with one arm for the window ledge, he reached for it and leaned into it and with a biting of the lip and exhaling all his breath he was off the bed and he was standing, he was stooped and being supported by the window ledge but he had done it he had managed to stand up. The thought came into his head as he remembered Neil Armstrong, a smile crept across his lips this is just one small step for man but a giant leap for mankind the smile turnedto a laugh and with the laugh came a glub as the pain racked his chest. He straightened his broad frame slowly stretching his spine into the upright vertical position counting the cricks of his spine as they slowly came together and reconnected, as he straightened, the voice of his grandfather echoed around him back straight, shouldersback, head up and now put your best foot forward He pulled his shoulders back and felt his ribs twisting, contorting and finding their place in this new strange body they now didnt know, he lifted his head and could feel the weight of his ribcage. He held his breath not daring to breathe out for fear of the pain he knew would come and slowly moved one foot then the other until he had covered the six feet distance to the bedroom door. He hadthoughts of taking a bath towel from the cupboard nearby and weeing on that and as the pain returned and the next 10 feet looked ever impossible. BACK straight, SHOULDERS Back, Head Up and put your best Foot Forward The echo resounded around him. One more step followed by another and another he reached the bathroom door and realised the dog was behind him watching, he half turned his head to see the dog wagging his tail, the dog was congratulating him on such a small achievement. The Good Lord did indeed work in mysterious ways. He had managed to get to the toilet without wetting himself and was pleased that his pride had remained intact but now he stood alone and confused in his Y fronts. His chest was in pieces and he had trouble moving, his right shoulder was heavily bruised from the dislocation, the elbow was the size of a football and the wrist and hand heavily bandaged. His left shoulder and upper arm were bruised, it was these that had been forced into his chest and ribs by the airbag and seat belt, the burns had been caused by the powder from the exploding airbag. A sardonic smile crept across his face as he resigned himself to being forced to wetting himself as his Y Fronts would not go down on their own, and as he decided on no other option the street door opened and his angel had returned. His Angel stood in the bathroom doorway and laughed mockingly with love.Peace Love and Light to you all, may your blessings be many and your troubles few.With LoveBruce
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An Autumn evening, a clear blue sky, the giant Wellingtonia Redwood stretches up trying reach to the heavens. The mighty Oak stands in its shadow spreading out and welcoming travellers into its umbrella like branches. The canopy these two trees create set the maginificence and the almost fortified resilient and alluring comforting tone of the forest. The pine stretches and reaches upwards as the temperature begins to drop, the oak settles and readies itself getting ready to protect and offer shelter to a weary traveller that might happen upon it. A dark cloud drifts across the evening sky followed by others that bring the warning to all living things that something is amiss. The larger birds, pigeons and crows head for the pine, the smaller birds seek the protection of the mighty oak. Together these almighty specimens of nature offer the protection saught by the animal kingdom. The sky darkens the temperature drops and the storm releases its first rain softly covering the welcoming pine, gently washing the dust from the oak. A strike of lightening sparking the air encompasses these trees and allowing them to shake their leaves and renew their vigour, a roar of contentment and more flashes as the trees protect their gathering and allowthe young to draw closer. From the trunk of the trees the rain does filter each tree pushing the rain to the outside branches, each tree protecting their gathering of friends each tree watching for the others distress ready to stretch ready to help but both content that it wont be necessary. The animals content knowing they are being looked after snuggling cuddling the trees as they are called in tight to the trunks, the heart of the trees. The tops of the trees dry as the storm relaxes, the heat from the sky being welcomed by the canopy of the forest. Rain trickling from branch ends warming the ground with the deer that were sheltering moving away from the trunks and drinking from puddles the trees have provided. The trees waiting for the animals to drink before stretching their roots and removing the puddles.The birds leave the trees and head for the meadow, the rainbow has painted the evening sky drawing the storm away so they can feed from the worms the rain has bought up. The meadow is different it is basking in the attention the rainbow has bought, it has a new life a renewed energy it is bouyant and young and fresh full of vitality. The animals play and bounce and get caught in the party atmosphere of this glorious moment.The trees stretch with and with a sigh of expectation and call the birds back out of harms way, the smaller birds do not go to the Oak but to the Hawthorn, the Blackberry and Eucolyptus bushes. The storm having relieved the Oak of its leaves and twigs and smaller branches also its duties and responsibilities to its fold. The once mighty Oak is a shadow of its former glory. The Majestic Wellingtonia spreads out and sheds its cones and needles relishing the opportunity to shelter its friend. The Oak accepting its new found status settles to rest like a grandad in his comfychair, sighing contedly and ready to snooze. It accepts the fresh rain as grandad accepts his night time drink with gratitude and a praise for the blessings that will never be forgotten. The giant Wellingtonia Redwood with all its majesty watches the rainbow disappear in the distance and calls to the animals to come back to its fold, she calls to the oak some words of comfort and calls to the storm to help once again. The storm lights the ground to search for its purpose she shouts to help the leaves and twigs fall, she screams as her task is nearly over not understanding the reason shes there. The Giant Redwood gives thanks to the clouds as they disperse and make way for the Sylphs to bring calm. The regal moon is showing her glory following the sylphs to the heights of their realms. The forest look to her for quiet reassurance that is given with a love that has no compare, she peeks through the pine at grandad asleep and smiles beguilingly, knowingly with love.
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I wrote this with a tear in my eye and a hope in my heart for a friend who right now is standing under the rainbow.An Autumn evening, a clear blue sky, a lonely seagull flying away from the orange horizon. A dark blue cloud drifts across chased by more severe strong dark coloured clouds chasing each other across the evening sky, the temperature changes the mood deepens, the birds settle the dogs howl and the wild animals hide among the trees. The dark clouds have come down to play, they sit above the tree tops tormenting, teasing encouraging everything to look up almost daring everything to look up. It states! look up at me.The clouds darken almost purple then they roar like lions claiming there territory, sending flashes of light to the ground searching, hunting, foraging through the darkened forest, not knowing what to look for not caring.Something is lost something isnt as it should be, the peace and solitude of the forest is being disturbed. The mighty roar of the thunder, the flashes of lightening the wind reaching into every branch and rabbit hole, the rainencompassing, covering, washing, feeling its way across every surface wether it be a leaf or earth. Looking, searching, foraging.A break in the dark deep purple/black clouds reveal a clear blue sky, a ray of sunshine smiles through and lights up a rain soaked meadow. Steam rises from the fresh cut hay, the birds flock and land to enjoy this feeding frenzy. The animals stand up and stretch in the sun, steam rising from their soaking coats. A ray of sunshine creates a rainbow like no other, the birds song turns to screams of warning, the trees stretch timbers creaking, the meadow basks in the glory of the rainbow, the animals sigh and resign themselves to enforced rest.The Rainbow smiles in its indomitable way, the clouds gather and cover the sun, getting darker and dropping lower, once again looking to see who has disturbed its garden. Dropping its rain to the earth below and washing the leaves from their sprigs and branches. The flash of light with the roar of desperation! With all her might she searches and calls for this elusive thing that is hurting her very being, she growls and screeches, so desperate to find the cause of the pain she sets down her guard and allows herself to be open... bare... unprotected... she purrs softly and drifts into the welcoming trance that always beckons after a long search. The purple clouds give way to higher lighter clouds, white whispy, happy clouds, these clouds smile and dance across the evening sky, chasing away any dark clouds that were slow to leave. The sun is smiling and getting ready to rest, as the moon gives it permission and accepts the reponsiblility of the night. The shadows that were long have been replaced with lighter funfilled shadows that skip and dance and play with the fae. The sounds of the fae and the joy of the angels and cherubs whisper out the forest carried into the night by the moon and the breeze and the love from "The Autumn Storm."
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Bruce Box of Frogs 5 Levitating

By Bruce, 2009-11-14
Another strange encounter with empath abilities, it would be easy to dismiss this as a very deep meditation but it is much more. Much, much more. I have seen it described from as wide a spectrum as levitating to remote viewing to astral travelling and whilst it is a great way to get to know three basic infra - structures of yourself, these being the physical self, the spiritual self and the mental self it is also a whole lot of fun when experimenting, I have collapsed in fits of giggles during this last week of experiments.I am making the assumption that you are familiar with meditating.So firstly sort out your normal meditation and get to the point where you are at peace with the environment, a natural state where you can just enjoy the peace for what it is... YOURS... Just you and your space...From here you can explore a different level, instead of getting any deeper and moving towards spiritual energy you are going to go the other way and explore your physical being. The way to do this is to accept your body for all its warts and perfections. So start with the feet and explore your toes and toe nails, the corns and the hard skin, the ache that frequently happens in the top of your foot? Is it there now? The point of this exercise is to understand where the body starts and where it stops, if you wiggle your big toe do you realise that your calf muscle moves. All you are doing is exploring your body dont worry about the aches and pains associated with your discovery as you explore try to focus on the meditative state try and maintain the peace and tranquility you achieved to get to this point. Mentally you will find new muscles and realise the connections between muscle and bone, how bones relate to each other, you will laugh and giggle as the relationship becomes apparent between the physical body and the spiritual body, the mental body will interfere with the spiritual and the spiritual will interfere with the physical so just accept this for what it is.Return to a meditative state and begin again this time it will be easier to understand and you should be able to progress a little bit further with your discovery of your physical body, the mental body is learning not to interfereand the spiritual body is learning a new skill. The three of you are becoming aware of each other. Another way to view it is me, myself and I.Once you are happy and content with the knowledge that you are able to meditate and you are able to explore your physical body while meditating, you will realise that the mental body has accepted the request to remain quiet. The next stage is more fun for this we are going to explore the spiritual body within the physical body. Some of you will relate to the light that shines within, while others will relate to the light that you bring into your physical body. The important thing is that you can recognise spiritual awareness and are able to recognise your spiritual body is within your physical body.You are now going to move into a deeper meditative state as we explore the confines of the physical body, it is very important that you will not be disturbed and are in a totally safe place where there will be no unexpected interuptions.The main reason for this is that you can keep your mental body quiet while you explore the spiritual body. The spiritual body has no limits and no confines once it is linked with universal energy, but you will not be linking up today all you will be doing today is a little exercise to help with becoming familiar with your spiritual body.So far you have entered into a light meditative state but are still totally aware of outside surroundings and have become familiar with your physical body now you are going to go a bit deeper begin with breathing deeply and feel the lungs inflate be aware that the heart is different to the lungs and they are two seperate movements, gradually increase the length of your breath and feel the heart slowing and accepting the changes, lighten your breath, breathe slower and be more gentle feel your heart and lungs co-operating as the spiritual body grows inside. This is the point where i will introduce light and allow it to grow and expand and fill up my physical body, but this time only allow it to fill your physical body. Control it you have already explored your physical body you already understand where your toes and fingertips are dont let any light escape, keep your spirit to yourself ha ha ha ha be selfish keep it to yourself. This is a hard thing to control and dont let it escape at all be aware of your hair and your nails. This is a very unnatural thing to do because spiritually everything is interconnected and if the spirit is awake then it wants to join up with everything so to keep it within the confines of your body is not natural. The physical body is used to the spiritual body coming and going, as is the mental body. The mental body is used to the physical body being around.The spiritual body is not used to being restrained and this is where the difficulties lie. So what you are going to do is not allow the mental body to awaken. You are going to maintain this deep meditation and allow the spiritual body to settle within the confines of your physical body allow it to stretch gently to the outer limits of the physical body without letting it come out.Once you are happy and content with the knowledge of having both the physical and the spiritual body practise moving the two, firstly very gently move the trunk of your physical body shoulder to shoulder feel the pressure as one lifts up then the other lifts up feel the release and the pressure as they settle down also move from one bum cheek to the other again being aware of the pressure pressing and releasing, try lifting and lowering your legs maintaining this deep peaceful meditative state, enjoying the tranquility of this beautiful moment as you explore both physical and spiritual you.This next bit is the best bit this is where all the hard work pays off, what you are going to do now is very gently repeat what you just did with your physical body only this time with your spiritual body so just a touch of humility very gently reduce the size of your spiritual body so it is smaller than your physical body and as you move the shoulders very very gently be aware of just how light and weightless and how little effort is required to move your spiritual body. At the moment a nice image to maintain is the shape of your spiritual body is identical to your physical body in every way only slightly smaller so when you move it, it is going to touch the skin of your physical body and feel the resistance and it will remain within the physical body, very slight movements from you and it will remain so.Become familiar with this and as you become familiar with what your spiritual body is, prepare to leave your physical body. The spiritual body is energy in its purest form and you have shaped it into your own image for the purpose of this experience so what you are about to do is maintain this image of your spiritual body and seperate from your physical body. The way to do this is allow the spiritual body to float, visualise your spiritual body getting brighter and getting more and more weightless as the light gets brighter the weight gets less, this is harmony in its most beautiful earth shattering orgasmic brilliance and the most amazing thing is that it has taken you this long to discover a miniscule part of the potential of universal awareness.Once your spiritual body is above your physical body roll or rock from side to side, feel the weightlessness, moveleft, then right this is the height of your meditations so far.Allow the light to fade a little and feel the heaviness return to your spiritual body as you feel this, think about the physical body and think about the glorious experience of feeling and touching the sensory perceptions of thephysical body, as you feel the physical body with all the hairs standing up and the glorious shivers of all the senses returning allow the spiritual body to grow into the confines of it. As you move into a lighter meditationbecome aware of the surroundings become aware of how light your breathing is and how heavy your body is, accept your body and get ready to come out of the meditation. As you come away from the meditation give praise and experience the wonders of the three of you working as one.Within the last few days I have been introduced to a new guide, he has always been about but it is only now that he has shown himself. I am soooo impressed and am looking forward to a lot of new experiences even though I have no idea where they will lead me. My new guide and my angel have helped me to share this experience with you.If anybody can offer advice or suggest where to look next I will be forever grateful. I hope you enjoy reading and working through this as much as I enjoyed writing it.Angel Blessings to you all.Peace, Love and Light
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