Breathing Techniques

By: Bruce
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Breathing through the more challenging times is one of the simplest things to doyet one of themost difficult things to apply. If we are stressed then we tend to open our mouths or purse our lips to draw breath but by doing this we breathe into our stomach?

A quick experiment for you. Take a short sharp breath in through your mouth and realise where your breath goes... Now do it again this time through your nose...
In through your mouth and it almost certainly went straight to your stomach, yet in through your nose and it went to the top of your lungs.

This simple experiment will help you with most meditation work, in the sense that body, mind & spirit should work with each other and how one relates to the others is akey factor when working with energies and alternative energy awareness.

When practicingbreathingtechniques always stay withinyour own limits, it is good in moderation. You should not be trying to push your limits, you should stretch yourlimitsbut remaincomfortable, there is no need to push your limits to the max. There is a time and a place for all exercise, practicing breathing techniques whilst operating machinery is not a good idea so always consider when and where to indulge in breathing techniques.

Bring your hands together as if in prayer, elbows resting on your uppertorso.Thumbs should be just below or level with your throat.
Nowbreathe in slowly through your noseand count to 6. Unicorns are good for counting 1 unicorn 2 unicorn 3 unicorn etc.
As you breathe in raise your hands and broaden your elbows keeping your palms together, by the time you get to 6 unicorns your thumbs should be level with your forehead and your elbows should be at least level with andwider than your shoulders.

Hold your breath for a couple of seconds

Breathe out slowly and bring your hands and elbows back to their original position

Take note of your lung capacity and how your heart rate has lowered, you are becoming aware of "self", physical self, mental self and emotional self.

We are now going to repeat this exercise but this time with our eyes closed, but before we close our eyes look at your hands look at the thumbs and the position of your thumbs in relation to your wrists, close your eyes and visualise your thumbs and wrists. As you slowlybreathe in and slowly raise your hands keep visualising your thumbs, hands and wrists, and as you reach six and are looking up appreciate how still your mind has become and gently breathe out and lower your hands before opening your eyes.

Physical self, mental self, emotional self and spiritual self suddenly became much more enlightened and in tune with each other. A simple breathing exercise turned into an exploration of "self."

As above,So below... As One

Be well beautiful people