Bnwyfre` Healing by Breath

By: Bruce
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By following simple rules we can enhance our everyday lives and by understanding the basics of breathing all of us caninfluence the environment around us.

Slow breathing brings us to a state of calm, rapid quick breathing takes us to a state of excitement. Breathing in slowly and breathing out slowlyand keeping the breaths equal will bring us to a state of calm, almost all meditative practice begins with breathing techniques.

When we breathe in we areinhaling through the nose and weinhale to the lower intestine, with the correct posture and technique the inhalation is not just oxygen it is food for the "soul."
When webreathe out we are exhaling through the mouth and we exhale from thediaphragm, stomach & lungs we arenot just exhaling, we are releasing theintent of our being into our aura and our aura is releasing the stuff it does not need into the atmosphere for recycling.
(I appreciate how technical the last paragraph is, it is important that we understand breathing does much more than just supply oxygen to the blood.)

To look at happiness and how we laugh, when we laugh we exhalequicker then we inhale and we are out of balance, our body is not just giving out more air, we will be sweating, trembling, our temperature will rise, our mouth will become dry and we will crave for more.
If we now look at sadness it becomes apparent that we breathe slower andinhalequicker than we exhale asthe body struggles to cope with the emotion, something as simple as frustration and our body will take a long breath through pursed lips before exhaling with a quick sigh. If we are happy our core temperature will rise, if we are sad then our tendency is to inhibit ourselves and our temperature lowers. If we can understand our breathing then we change the situation and we change it because our whole demeanor changes the active responses around us.

A night of disturbed sleep has the potential to upset the whole day, because during sleep our bodies physicallyreplenish and restore naturally. The following exercise will encourage blood flow and assist the life force energies around you to synchronise as one, at least, it is a short term solution to an otherwise tiresome day.

After an interrupted nights sleep try this technique to spruce up your day and shake off the lethargy;
Breathe in slowly and mentally count as you do so, from 1 to 6, when you reach 6 breathe out quickly all in one breath and repeat two or three times. This requires concentration so practice breathing in fluently, evenly, concentrate on the whole exercise.

Once you are happy with this, when you reach 2 close your eyes and on the count of 6 as you exhale,open your eyes.

Finally for this exercise we are going to engage the mind with the body, later we will engage mind, body and spirit but for now we will work with only the mind and body.

Sit comfortably (sit upright, back straight) with feet flat on floor and palms with right hand over left against upper stomach. (Just above belly button)
Breathe in to the count of 6 but on the count of 2 close your eyes, breathing in through the nose and feeling the cool air rise through the nostrils, into the throat, down into the chest, feel it push against your hands feeling the stomach push the left hand and that in turn will push the right hand out as the stomach and diaphragm expands.
On the count of 6 hold your breath and count to 3 before breathing out quickly as you open your eyes.

Repeat this and focus on the in breath and what it is dong to your body, realize how your thoughts are engaging with your body and both mind and body are as one, with each responding to the other.
As you breathe in feel your chest and abdomen expand, feel your shoulders lift, your head will lift and your eye level will come up, you will feel alive and connected.
As you exhale feel the breath leave your body, feel the lungs empty, your shoulders droop, your head will come forward.

Repeat this exercise for as long as you need to, if you do it ten times today it will be 5 times tomorrow, 3 times the day after. It really is a case of practice makes perfect.

Finish this exercise with an in breath, inflate every fibre of your body and stand ready to begin your day, bring your hands together in front of you in the prayer position, open your eyes and stretch with palms outward.

This simple exercise will shake off a disturbed sleep and will help you to start your day invigorated and physically prepared for the day ahead.

Enjoy your day