Sensory Perception

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Sensory Perception

If we choose a word and explore the dimensions and dynamics ofthis word it will do a number of things to you personally, I recently attended a spiritualfestivalat "the wave" inCumbria and had the pleasure of listening to Neil HI wanted to describe him in a way that would do justice to his performance, after much deliberation I used the word "sensational."

One of my favourite sayings is see a sound and hear a picture, to hear a sound and to be able to see it, we have all done it. Consciously or not, whilst dancing, singing, in church, karaoke orsomething much more purposeful like meditation. Our sense of hearingis enhancedwhen we close our eyes, to enhance our natural sense of hearing by allowing extra sensory perception toenhance it.

Whitney Houston touched many people with her song "I will always love you," I say touched because for me to just mention the song and think of her I am covered in goosepimples, my hair is standing on end, the hairs on my arms are standing up, i have been engulfed by her song. It is a tragedy that we lost Whitney at such a young age as her songs "touched" millions of people and will continue to do so.

The church choir or school choir, is a personal thing when we attend these events they are usually with friends, we join with them and enjoy the community together singing. We see, hear and feel which is all quite normal, in the sense that using three of our five naturalsenses, so to stretch this further and say a sixth sense comes into play because the enjoyment as a community was as one. We enjoyed the interaction both as an individual and as a community as one it was sensational. The Extra senses were there for all to enjoy.

We all have pieces of history that we keep, a relatives ring, babies first blanket, grandfathers watch etc. we take comfort when we wear them or hold them. When we visit the church or pass a childhood playground our memories bring back the sights, sounds, smells of those times. We look at photos and our natural senses come into force, but our never mentioned sixth sense is what enables us to focus and to re-enact or live those past events again.

I recentlystumbled across some music that was so unexpected that it took me two or three pieces to settle down. This music was so enriching to my senses that all of them stretched for the extra sensory perception that we seldom use. This music was a major contributing factor towards a very successful evening, it lulled the whole auditorium into using all of their senses+. As individuals and as one.

I have heard prayer described as talking with God, and have heard meditation described as joining with him, meditation is about the extra senses we have and how we indulge them, wether it be self indulgence or guided communal awareness. The extra sensory perceptions we all have are the key to the discovery of true spiritual awareness.

"Spiritual and Celestial essenceare our birth rite, our beingand our destiny."

A little known fact is that if we approach a lift and the doors open, a solitary figure stands in the lift and we are afraid. Our logic will suffocate our sixth sense and we will enter the lift, this being an obvious analogy of modern society and how we have moved away from natural response and allowedourselves to become products of ourenvironment, we are more afraid of our extra senses than we are of common sense.

Have you ever thought about this commonly referred to 6th sense, as in singular "one extra sense," the reality is there is a limitless amount of extra senses. I predict that one day someone with an analytical mind will number them 6th,7th,8th etc. etc.

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