Box of Frogs 10 The Tree That's a Part of Me.

By: Bruce
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I sit beneath my tree and weep for what reason I do not know.I look out across the the forest from the crown of the hill and watch the sun set, the orange embers settling the birds as they seek their resting places for the night. I am sat on a bench on a cold winters evening in front of "my Oak" and have two mighty Pines one to each side of me, as I push my feet into the earth and push my back into the wooden slat of the bench and I turn a stone. This stone is like no other it talks, it screams, it vibrates and it is cold, as I bend to pick it up there is a feather pure white and as soft as moonlight is supposed to be.As I clean this stone and look up into the uppermost branches of these magnificent pines, I am no longer cold and am no longer sitting on the bench instead I am reaching outwards for the last touches of warm sunlight. I am reaching up and can feel the energy lifting me higher and higher into the tops of the last leaves on the branch to catch the last sunray the last bit of heat before the chill of the north wind reduces me to stillness. The last warm sunray was caught and with quiet resignation my energies withdraw to the trunk to settle and coerce the birds and squirrels to draw closer, my leaves fold inwards to protect the softer branches and my bark wraps tight encasing my energy within.My love for my friends around me is without flaw I love the moss that has grown into the name carved into my bark. I love the youth that took pride in carving his name. I love the ferns that carpet the ground around my base, forcing my roots to go deeper to find solid ground. I love the termites that burrow into my branches for these feed the birds that comfort me every night. I love the youth that lit fires and scarred me, because the scars stopped the stags from scratching their antlers against me. I love the youths that urinated over me, because they extinguished the flames that were scarring me. I love the trees near me as they protect me from the winds blowing from all points of the compass, as they love me because together we are strong. I love the winds that blow against me for they bring the elementals for comfort. I love the sun for the scorching heat to make me strong and light. I love the moon for the love she brings that she reminds me to share. I hear a dog barking and the tree has removed me, I am again sitting on the bench polishing this stone and as the solitary rider approaches he laughs and says "you gave me an awful fright I thought you were dead", I laughed with him and he galloped away with his dog before him.I say to my tree out loud and very indignantly "why don't you share your other emotions?" the reply was this:"There are other emotions?"As if by magic my new guide whispers "are you going to tell him there are other emotions?" I thank my guide and the tree for allowing me to share.I wander slowly back to reality as the full moon climbs slowly upwards lighting my way, and smiling. "As she always does"