How to Talk to a Tree

By: Bruce
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This is something I wrote back in March

If you were walking down a busy street and suddenly started talking to someone at random would they pay any attention to you? The answer is an obvious NO.

The next question is if you walk up to a tree and start talking to it would you expect it to listen and respond to you? It's worth the thought isn't it!

A few rules that might help the tree and you to communicate effectively with each other.

1) I always walk round a tree clockwise, with the sun behind you.

2) Approach the tree from the east and follow the suns path around the tree, the moon has a dark side and the tree has an enchanted side so be careful and don't disturb the dryads.

3) Just because you have decided you are going to talk to the tree does not mean the tree wants to talk to you, so if you don't feel the connection give the tree homage and move on to another tree.

4) How to get a connection. Approach the tree from the east slowly, as in one step at a time and as you get close to the tree about two or threetimes your own height stop and ask the tree for it's attention. Stand still for a minute or two and acknowledge the trees space, move a bit closer or move further back, just trust your ownintuition and what feels right. Facing the tree take a side step to the leftone at a time so you are moving round the tree clockwise, move slowly, and carefully, gracefully, gently because you are waiting to feel a difference. ha ha ha ha ha ha LOL.

Difference = A change in temperature, a flush, a caress, a feeling.

The first time you feel it will be kind of freaky and you may not recognise it til later, but recognise it you will and once you do you will find it easier next time.

Now you have made a connection with a tree, enjoy it and savour it's beauty. It will be enjoyable for both you and the tree, it is a bonding with nature and like anything else, if you work at it, it will become stronger and stronger. It is only a matter of time before the tree will share it's memories and knowledge.

Be Well peoples, let me know how this works for you.

With Love


The Lioness ~*Q*~
08/17/11 04:30:18PM @the-lioness-q:
This is great Bruce nice job posting this :)