A Box of Frogs 8 The Old Man

By: Bruce
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Do you ever struggle to count your blessings because maybe you take the day for granted, I recently mistook a stranger for a friend and it left me confused and scared because I struggle to understand cruelty. After much soul searching this came out of my box of frogs, I hope it makes you laugh and helps you to appreciate the small things that contribute to a blessing that can be counted. A dog wagging its tail or the smell of toast, something simpler like a childs kiss or even simpler a body that is whole that can feel sensations.The old man laid in bed scared to move for fear of pain, as he laid there he attempted to move an arm but was caught unawares of the numbness felt.. there... where his arm used to be! The combination of drugs, age and the just woken up feeling of drudgery had definately kicked in. He moved a little and felt a lump in the mattress he used the other arm to gently find the lump and and as he felt the length of this strange lump that was causing confusion he realised he had been laying on his arm and it had gone to sleep. As he shuffled and wriggled in the bed trying to shift the weight of his body away from the arm, the pain returned to him without warning and without reserve. The deep breaths and self induced hypnotic stance helped and he laid still waiting for this wave of pain to subside. As the pain subsided a fresh pain was beginning and a quiet resignation struck the old mans face this was a pain he was used to, the intensity of the pain was no surprise as tears flowed down his cheeks and with deep breaths and a determination not to cry out the pain came into his arm as the blood returned. The old man lay quiet with tears flowing he was in a different place listening to his children in the playground, listening to the joy of their youth. The pain in his arm was was slowly ebbing away, the feeling was returning to his hand but now a fresh problem, there was movement at the bedroom door, he tried to use his arms to get the quilt above his head he didnt want the children to see his plight. The door opened and children entered, they crept to the bedside table and placed coffee and toast they peaked over the top of the quilt to try and see the old man as he lay pretending to sleep. The younger child leaned in and kissed the top of his head. love you dad with chuckles and giggles and with the love that only children can give they left the room, quietly closing the bedroom door behind them.The smell of the coffee, fresh toast and butter the old man tried to move, his shoulder had started to seep he could feel the moisture as it rolled down from the bruising. He pulled at the quilt trying to move it away from his face and as he struggled another movement at the bedroom door, his angel was there... His rock, his saviour, his reason for living.... His wife! She helped him to sit up and moved the plate of toast to his lap, his mouth felt likethe bottom of a parrot cage, his appetite was gone, he wanted to drink but his hands could not hold the cup, the meds caused the shakes and his fingers would not grip. His wife used guauze to moisten his lips then with an angels touch she washed his face and upper body, no words were spoken as she worked patiently, gently and with care and love. He had a new pain developing that embarrassed him, this pain was his bladder he needed to wee. His wife had finished and returned to the children they were ready for school with coats ready and waiting at the street door for permission to open the door and wait at the gate. Wife returned to him and sensing the embarassment she helped him to move his legs to the side of the bed and gently placed his feet feet on the floor, she called to the children who ran to the gate, then gave him a peck on the forehead and a promise to returnquickly.He leaned forward and decided against it, his head felt like it would fall from his shoulders. He twisted sideways the intent being one side up then the other but again pain seared through his chest so he stopped. The frustration at boiling point and hot tears flowed, scolding tears, the sort of tears that come from the soul that only get discovered once in a life time. He wiggled down the bed one bum cheek at a time and reached with one arm for the window ledge, he reached for it and leaned into it and with a biting of the lip and exhaling all his breath he was off the bed and he was standing, he was stooped and being supported by the window ledge but he had done it he had managed to stand up. The thought came into his head as he remembered Neil Armstrong, a smile crept across his lips this is just one small step for man but a giant leap for mankind the smile turnedto a laugh and with the laugh came a glub as the pain racked his chest. He straightened his broad frame slowly stretching his spine into the upright vertical position counting the cricks of his spine as they slowly came together and reconnected, as he straightened, the voice of his grandfather echoed around him back straight, shouldersback, head up and now put your best foot forward He pulled his shoulders back and felt his ribs twisting, contorting and finding their place in this new strange body they now didnt know, he lifted his head and could feel the weight of his ribcage. He held his breath not daring to breathe out for fear of the pain he knew would come and slowly moved one foot then the other until he had covered the six feet distance to the bedroom door. He hadthoughts of taking a bath towel from the cupboard nearby and weeing on that and as the pain returned and the next 10 feet looked ever impossible. BACK straight, SHOULDERS Back, Head Up and put your best Foot Forward The echo resounded around him. One more step followed by another and another he reached the bathroom door and realised the dog was behind him watching, he half turned his head to see the dog wagging his tail, the dog was congratulating him on such a small achievement. The Good Lord did indeed work in mysterious ways. He had managed to get to the toilet without wetting himself and was pleased that his pride had remained intact but now he stood alone and confused in his Y fronts. His chest was in pieces and he had trouble moving, his right shoulder was heavily bruised from the dislocation, the elbow was the size of a football and the wrist and hand heavily bandaged. His left shoulder and upper arm were bruised, it was these that had been forced into his chest and ribs by the airbag and seat belt, the burns had been caused by the powder from the exploding airbag. A sardonic smile crept across his face as he resigned himself to being forced to wetting himself as his Y Fronts would not go down on their own, and as he decided on no other option the street door opened and his angel had returned. His Angel stood in the bathroom doorway and laughed mockingly with love.Peace Love and Light to you all, may your blessings be many and your troubles few.With LoveBruce