A Box of Frogs 7 An Autumn Storm (part 2)

By: Bruce
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An Autumn evening, a clear blue sky, the giant Wellingtonia Redwood stretches up trying reach to the heavens. The mighty Oak stands in its shadow spreading out and welcoming travellers into its umbrella like branches. The canopy these two trees create set the maginificence and the almost fortified resilient and alluring comforting tone of the forest. The pine stretches and reaches upwards as the temperature begins to drop, the oak settles and readies itself getting ready to protect and offer shelter to a weary traveller that might happen upon it. A dark cloud drifts across the evening sky followed by others that bring the warning to all living things that something is amiss. The larger birds, pigeons and crows head for the pine, the smaller birds seek the protection of the mighty oak. Together these almighty specimens of nature offer the protection saught by the animal kingdom. The sky darkens the temperature drops and the storm releases its first rain softly covering the welcoming pine, gently washing the dust from the oak. A strike of lightening sparking the air encompasses these trees and allowing them to shake their leaves and renew their vigour, a roar of contentment and more flashes as the trees protect their gathering and allowthe young to draw closer. From the trunk of the trees the rain does filter each tree pushing the rain to the outside branches, each tree protecting their gathering of friends each tree watching for the others distress ready to stretch ready to help but both content that it wont be necessary. The animals content knowing they are being looked after snuggling cuddling the trees as they are called in tight to the trunks, the heart of the trees. The tops of the trees dry as the storm relaxes, the heat from the sky being welcomed by the canopy of the forest. Rain trickling from branch ends warming the ground with the deer that were sheltering moving away from the trunks and drinking from puddles the trees have provided. The trees waiting for the animals to drink before stretching their roots and removing the puddles.The birds leave the trees and head for the meadow, the rainbow has painted the evening sky drawing the storm away so they can feed from the worms the rain has bought up. The meadow is different it is basking in the attention the rainbow has bought, it has a new life a renewed energy it is bouyant and young and fresh full of vitality. The animals play and bounce and get caught in the party atmosphere of this glorious moment.The trees stretch with and with a sigh of expectation and call the birds back out of harms way, the smaller birds do not go to the Oak but to the Hawthorn, the Blackberry and Eucolyptus bushes. The storm having relieved the Oak of its leaves and twigs and smaller branches also its duties and responsibilities to its fold. The once mighty Oak is a shadow of its former glory. The Majestic Wellingtonia spreads out and sheds its cones and needles relishing the opportunity to shelter its friend. The Oak accepting its new found status settles to rest like a grandad in his comfychair, sighing contedly and ready to snooze. It accepts the fresh rain as grandad accepts his night time drink with gratitude and a praise for the blessings that will never be forgotten. The giant Wellingtonia Redwood with all its majesty watches the rainbow disappear in the distance and calls to the animals to come back to its fold, she calls to the oak some words of comfort and calls to the storm to help once again. The storm lights the ground to search for its purpose she shouts to help the leaves and twigs fall, she screams as her task is nearly over not understanding the reason shes there. The Giant Redwood gives thanks to the clouds as they disperse and make way for the Sylphs to bring calm. The regal moon is showing her glory following the sylphs to the heights of their realms. The forest look to her for quiet reassurance that is given with a love that has no compare, she peeks through the pine at grandad asleep and smiles beguilingly, knowingly with love.