A Box of Frogs 7 An Autumn Storm (part one)

By: Bruce
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I wrote this with a tear in my eye and a hope in my heart for a friend who right now is standing under the rainbow.An Autumn evening, a clear blue sky, a lonely seagull flying away from the orange horizon. A dark blue cloud drifts across chased by more severe strong dark coloured clouds chasing each other across the evening sky, the temperature changes the mood deepens, the birds settle the dogs howl and the wild animals hide among the trees. The dark clouds have come down to play, they sit above the tree tops tormenting, teasing encouraging everything to look up almost daring everything to look up. It states! look up at me.The clouds darken almost purple then they roar like lions claiming there territory, sending flashes of light to the ground searching, hunting, foraging through the darkened forest, not knowing what to look for not caring.Something is lost something isnt as it should be, the peace and solitude of the forest is being disturbed. The mighty roar of the thunder, the flashes of lightening the wind reaching into every branch and rabbit hole, the rainencompassing, covering, washing, feeling its way across every surface wether it be a leaf or earth. Looking, searching, foraging.A break in the dark deep purple/black clouds reveal a clear blue sky, a ray of sunshine smiles through and lights up a rain soaked meadow. Steam rises from the fresh cut hay, the birds flock and land to enjoy this feeding frenzy. The animals stand up and stretch in the sun, steam rising from their soaking coats. A ray of sunshine creates a rainbow like no other, the birds song turns to screams of warning, the trees stretch timbers creaking, the meadow basks in the glory of the rainbow, the animals sigh and resign themselves to enforced rest.The Rainbow smiles in its indomitable way, the clouds gather and cover the sun, getting darker and dropping lower, once again looking to see who has disturbed its garden. Dropping its rain to the earth below and washing the leaves from their sprigs and branches. The flash of light with the roar of desperation! With all her might she searches and calls for this elusive thing that is hurting her very being, she growls and screeches, so desperate to find the cause of the pain she sets down her guard and allows herself to be open... bare... unprotected... she purrs softly and drifts into the welcoming trance that always beckons after a long search. The purple clouds give way to higher lighter clouds, white whispy, happy clouds, these clouds smile and dance across the evening sky, chasing away any dark clouds that were slow to leave. The sun is smiling and getting ready to rest, as the moon gives it permission and accepts the reponsiblility of the night. The shadows that were long have been replaced with lighter funfilled shadows that skip and dance and play with the fae. The sounds of the fae and the joy of the angels and cherubs whisper out the forest carried into the night by the moon and the breeze and the love from "The Autumn Storm."