Bruce Box of Frogs 5 Levitating

By: Bruce
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Another strange encounter with empath abilities, it would be easy to dismiss this as a very deep meditation but it is much more. Much, much more. I have seen it described from as wide a spectrum as levitating to remote viewing to astral travelling and whilst it is a great way to get to know three basic infra - structures of yourself, these being the physical self, the spiritual self and the mental self it is also a whole lot of fun when experimenting, I have collapsed in fits of giggles during this last week of experiments.I am making the assumption that you are familiar with meditating.So firstly sort out your normal meditation and get to the point where you are at peace with the environment, a natural state where you can just enjoy the peace for what it is... YOURS... Just you and your space...From here you can explore a different level, instead of getting any deeper and moving towards spiritual energy you are going to go the other way and explore your physical being. The way to do this is to accept your body for all its warts and perfections. So start with the feet and explore your toes and toe nails, the corns and the hard skin, the ache that frequently happens in the top of your foot? Is it there now? The point of this exercise is to understand where the body starts and where it stops, if you wiggle your big toe do you realise that your calf muscle moves. All you are doing is exploring your body dont worry about the aches and pains associated with your discovery as you explore try to focus on the meditative state try and maintain the peace and tranquility you achieved to get to this point. Mentally you will find new muscles and realise the connections between muscle and bone, how bones relate to each other, you will laugh and giggle as the relationship becomes apparent between the physical body and the spiritual body, the mental body will interfere with the spiritual and the spiritual will interfere with the physical so just accept this for what it is.Return to a meditative state and begin again this time it will be easier to understand and you should be able to progress a little bit further with your discovery of your physical body, the mental body is learning not to interfereand the spiritual body is learning a new skill. The three of you are becoming aware of each other. Another way to view it is me, myself and I.Once you are happy and content with the knowledge that you are able to meditate and you are able to explore your physical body while meditating, you will realise that the mental body has accepted the request to remain quiet. The next stage is more fun for this we are going to explore the spiritual body within the physical body. Some of you will relate to the light that shines within, while others will relate to the light that you bring into your physical body. The important thing is that you can recognise spiritual awareness and are able to recognise your spiritual body is within your physical body.You are now going to move into a deeper meditative state as we explore the confines of the physical body, it is very important that you will not be disturbed and are in a totally safe place where there will be no unexpected interuptions.The main reason for this is that you can keep your mental body quiet while you explore the spiritual body. The spiritual body has no limits and no confines once it is linked with universal energy, but you will not be linking up today all you will be doing today is a little exercise to help with becoming familiar with your spiritual body.So far you have entered into a light meditative state but are still totally aware of outside surroundings and have become familiar with your physical body now you are going to go a bit deeper begin with breathing deeply and feel the lungs inflate be aware that the heart is different to the lungs and they are two seperate movements, gradually increase the length of your breath and feel the heart slowing and accepting the changes, lighten your breath, breathe slower and be more gentle feel your heart and lungs co-operating as the spiritual body grows inside. This is the point where i will introduce light and allow it to grow and expand and fill up my physical body, but this time only allow it to fill your physical body. Control it you have already explored your physical body you already understand where your toes and fingertips are dont let any light escape, keep your spirit to yourself ha ha ha ha be selfish keep it to yourself. This is a hard thing to control and dont let it escape at all be aware of your hair and your nails. This is a very unnatural thing to do because spiritually everything is interconnected and if the spirit is awake then it wants to join up with everything so to keep it within the confines of your body is not natural. The physical body is used to the spiritual body coming and going, as is the mental body. The mental body is used to the physical body being around.The spiritual body is not used to being restrained and this is where the difficulties lie. So what you are going to do is not allow the mental body to awaken. You are going to maintain this deep meditation and allow the spiritual body to settle within the confines of your physical body allow it to stretch gently to the outer limits of the physical body without letting it come out.Once you are happy and content with the knowledge of having both the physical and the spiritual body practise moving the two, firstly very gently move the trunk of your physical body shoulder to shoulder feel the pressure as one lifts up then the other lifts up feel the release and the pressure as they settle down also move from one bum cheek to the other again being aware of the pressure pressing and releasing, try lifting and lowering your legs maintaining this deep peaceful meditative state, enjoying the tranquility of this beautiful moment as you explore both physical and spiritual you.This next bit is the best bit this is where all the hard work pays off, what you are going to do now is very gently repeat what you just did with your physical body only this time with your spiritual body so just a touch of humility very gently reduce the size of your spiritual body so it is smaller than your physical body and as you move the shoulders very very gently be aware of just how light and weightless and how little effort is required to move your spiritual body. At the moment a nice image to maintain is the shape of your spiritual body is identical to your physical body in every way only slightly smaller so when you move it, it is going to touch the skin of your physical body and feel the resistance and it will remain within the physical body, very slight movements from you and it will remain so.Become familiar with this and as you become familiar with what your spiritual body is, prepare to leave your physical body. The spiritual body is energy in its purest form and you have shaped it into your own image for the purpose of this experience so what you are about to do is maintain this image of your spiritual body and seperate from your physical body. The way to do this is allow the spiritual body to float, visualise your spiritual body getting brighter and getting more and more weightless as the light gets brighter the weight gets less, this is harmony in its most beautiful earth shattering orgasmic brilliance and the most amazing thing is that it has taken you this long to discover a miniscule part of the potential of universal awareness.Once your spiritual body is above your physical body roll or rock from side to side, feel the weightlessness, moveleft, then right this is the height of your meditations so far.Allow the light to fade a little and feel the heaviness return to your spiritual body as you feel this, think about the physical body and think about the glorious experience of feeling and touching the sensory perceptions of thephysical body, as you feel the physical body with all the hairs standing up and the glorious shivers of all the senses returning allow the spiritual body to grow into the confines of it. As you move into a lighter meditationbecome aware of the surroundings become aware of how light your breathing is and how heavy your body is, accept your body and get ready to come out of the meditation. As you come away from the meditation give praise and experience the wonders of the three of you working as one.Within the last few days I have been introduced to a new guide, he has always been about but it is only now that he has shown himself. I am soooo impressed and am looking forward to a lot of new experiences even though I have no idea where they will lead me. My new guide and my angel have helped me to share this experience with you.If anybody can offer advice or suggest where to look next I will be forever grateful. I hope you enjoy reading and working through this as much as I enjoyed writing it.Angel Blessings to you all.Peace, Love and Light