Bruce's Box of Frogs 3. A Spring in your Step

By: Bruce
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I have been toying with the idea of producing a long list of old wives tales and remedies for all occasions, but i dont know how many I know. So while I was sitting here watching my box of frogs this one jumped out.To sort of bring the old to the new I have recently been working with chakra clearing and how to balance them, I believe this might be a useful tool that will help.How to put a spring in your step and lighten your load a little.1) Find a shoe lace or boot lace.2) Get some nail scissors or something to cut the shoe lace.3) A pen and paperNow put them on the side somewhere, where you can see them as you go about your day to day routines. Tomorrow is going to be the start of something new.Today you will need to think of four things in your life that you want to get rid of and list them in order of priority, as you go through your day and want to change the list or the order of priority cross out the old list and rewrite the list in the new order or priority. The object of the exercise is to acknowledge a mistake learn from it so it does not get repeated and let it go, a mistake would not be a mistake if it was repeated with no consequence.Example1) I let my brother take the blame for something i did when I was 5 and feel guilty. (guilt)2) I am angry with my neighbour. (anger)3) I argued with my child. (remorse)4) I didnt say goodbye to the bus driver. (regret)Before you go to bed take a last look at this list and starting with the top one cut the shoe lace in half, you can now consider this as cutting this emotion and action out of your life never to be carried again.With the half lace repeat the exercise with number two.With the qtr lace repeat with number three.With the eighth repeat with number four.After you have cut this out of your life wrap the remnants of the lace in your list and throw it away. Enjoy your nights sleep and look forward to a brighter day tomorrow. I have found this normally gives me a great meditation the next morning.Peace, Love and LightBruceI value all your comments, I don't believe any comment is bad so please feel free to comment or advise or suggest a website or book that may provide a broader understanding. I/we are all here to learn from each other.