Bruces Box of Frogs 4 Poetry

By: Bruce
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The amazing thing about my box of frogs is I never know which one is going to jump into my arms. I have been working very closely with a friend recently and this one jumped out. I didn't know what to call it and my Angel is standing here smiling so I'm going to call it.THANK YOUIll do my crying in the rainSo that you will never see my pain,I will lean upon the treeWhere you can lean on me.Ill wrap my arms around youIll let the branches shelter me,Ill smile down upon youI have my Angel, to smile on me.Ill hold you and I will cherish you, and will worship the ground you walk on.but I will wait until its raining,So you never see my pain...I stand beneath my tree aloneI stand here and count my blessingsI hear my Angel whispering"let her shine, let her shine"... I am so glad shes mine...I walk across the meadowShe is alongside me,I know where I am goingMy Angel is helping me...I expect to see your shadowFlashing on the ground,Your shadow isnt thereThere isnt anyone around...Just my Angel carrying me.Watch you shine! Let you shine... "I am so glad youre mine"...
10/16/09 08:55:24AM @bluecrystalangel:
Hello, Bruce.This is great! I love it! Wonderful job, Bruce. Thank you for posting it.Hugs,bluecrystalangel