Bruce's Box of frogs Blog Meditation 2

By: Bruce
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Following on from my daily meditation, This is a quick meditation I use to top up throughout the day and takes anything from 5 mins to as long as you feel comfortable. I prefer to stand up when I do this exercise and so doesrequire caution if you do decide to stand up because it can cause dizziness. So do be careful.I am assuming that you have already started your day with my daily meditation and are familiar with creating a column of light.Stand in front of a couch or wall so that if you do feel dizzy or unco-ordinated at any time all you need to do is sit or lean back.Stand for a minute and breathe arms by your side feet evenly spaced apart.Breathe in deeply and out shallowly, gradually your lungs will calm and work as one with your heart be aware of this.Close your eyes and picture the light from the crystal, the all encompassing light that you felt this morning.As you begin to feel the energy returning with your minds eye picture grass beneath your feet, tread it down a little, flatten it so you have a solid base to stand on .Breathe in deeply and out shallowly, slowly.As the light begins to form and your mind clears, the light and energy will flood back into your body.Breathe in deeply and out shallowly.Allow the energy to flow, allow it to come into your body feel the presence of this all encompassing light, remember the smell and the taste from this morning, remember it's purity.Breathe gently and inhale this pure energy and light.Lift your arms and allow the energy to circulate around your body, as you lower your arms feel the energy wrapping it self around you, like a warm bed on a cold night.See yourself inside a bubble and this pure energy/light is infiltrating the bubble and flowing all around you. The only thing inside this bubble is this pure unconditional all encompassing energy and you. Feel this intensitywith every fibre of your body and soul.Breathe in deeply and out shallowly, enjoy this moment.... Savour it.When you are ready allow this energy to disperse allow it to travel down through your body into your feet, into the grass, return it to the place it came from, allow your bubble to evaporate slowly gently.To end the meditation give thanks, shake your arms, open your eyes and move your feet dont be surprised if your feet and legs are heavy. You should be feeling like a feather blowing in the wind farely quickly, and totally invigorated.Please give me feed back and let me know if this worked for you or if you had problems with it. I am able to complete this in 5 to 10 minutes and whilst this shouldnt be rushed it gives me a lovely interval from asometimes weary day. Why start a great day once when doing this refreshes and improves what is already a great day?Peace Love and Light to youBruceMy angel has stood beside me many times, and is always there when I do this. If you doubt if your angels are around ask them to come forward and introduce themself.I frequently use this meditation before practicing or tuning my potential skills, my next blog is hopefully listening to a picture or seeing a sound. My potential gifts are like a box of frogs I just don't know what is going to happen next.