The Candle Meditation (box of frogs 16)

By: Bruce
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A simple meditation that can be done as a quick and easy 5 minute restart the day type embrace or an involved deep 1 hour meditation that will leave you totally relaxed and ready for a good nights sleep.

Preparing for this meditation will contribute towards it being successful, the ingredients and collecting and preparing the ingredients is a part of the actual meditation. The power of good intent should never be underestimated.

One white candle.

A candle holder.

One bowl of water with sea salt added. (or a bowl of sea water)

Wooden matches

Gently wash the candle using the salt water solution, the down stroke will be taking all of the negativity away from the candle, the upstroke instilling your energies and introducing fresh positive energies into the candle. Take your time doing this encouraging the negatives to leave and encourage the positive energies to infuse the candle for the duration of its life, the intention being to infuse a strong positive vibe to come from the flame for as long as it burns.

Locating the candle: This should be somewhere safe where it is not likely to set fire to anything if left unattended. If you have an alter then place the candle here before lighting. The obvious place for a candle is in front of the TV, the TV usually being the centre of the rooms attention and the easiest place to look at but this is probably the worst possible place to put the candle with regards to meditating, this being because of the energies involved. Should you decide that in front of the TV is perfect for the candle then take the time and make the effort to cleanse and purify this area first. An incense stick or smudge stick would be an ideal way of doing this.

Wooden matches. We are not looking to encourage any unwanted energies or vibes, so using a coloured lighter will potentially contaminate the space created. Where as a carefully chosen wooden match will only enhance this sacred event. (Ogham or tree lore will explain which type of wood to enhance the meditation(wooden match))

The timing of this event. To make this meditation progressive and to succeed in reaching a new and deeper level than the last one, choose your time carefully, the first time you do this give yourself at least an hour of no interuptions.

Now we have cleansed, purified and infused the candle, placed the candle in the holder and in a place of safety, also created a sacred place for the purpose of this meditation, we have considered the wood used for the matches and we have kept the salt water used to wash the candles.

With the candle in its holder and placed onto the alter or other sacred place you have blessed. It is time to light the candle. The match that you use to light the candle allow it to burn itself out, place it in an ash tray or other flame retardant dish as this in itself is a life force energy.

The new flame is an energy all on its own, you helped create this energy and it is this energy that will "if allowed" guide you. I forgot to mention that this should be in a draft free environment so as the flame dances it is doing it on its own and is not being "persuaded" by other influences. On ths occasion we are using one candle placed in front of you, the flame after a couple of minutes will settle down and burn steadily.

Look at the height of the flame and note the top is almost feather like in appearance, it will sometimes split then rejoin, it dances and produces much merriment for your enjoyment as you look at the tip you will become aware of the aura surrounding the flame the almost invisible energy surrounding the flame almost all the way down to the wick. Also take note that it is easily seen after watching the tip of the flame and is less obvious when looking from the base of the flame.

Looking at the way the candle leans, the left side is normally the emotional side. So according to the laws of physics the flame should stretch straight up and yet this flame you have created tends not to do that, so this is a great time to consider the message being given. If indeed the flame is leaning to the left consider what emotional baggage you might be carrying.

The opposite is for the flame to lean to the right, this would be the physical and material needs you or maybe someone near you requires. If the flame is leaning or frequently leaning over then due consideration should be given to the possible reasons.

The flame will frequently peak and trough sometimes almost leaping, determined to shake you from your reverie and get your attention. This is the time to experiment and ask why it wants your attention, is it someone who has passed recently? Maybe your guardian is trying to alert you, a guide or angel maybe telling you something or wanting your attention or maybe just letting you know they are around and providing reassurance. Ask the question and see if you recognise the reply. A leaping flame signifies a time of high emotion so wether it be yours or the influences around you, to manifest a positive outcome always work with the anology of a long flame attracts and the short flame bannishes.

Take note of any whisps of smoke:

Black smoke signifies the negatives have been bannished or burnt and dispersed.

White smoke would signify that your words have been heard and that divine assistance is on hand.

The flame itself has many features and many colours, the uppermost tip being the feather edge of yellow, gold and orange, moving down the outside edge is the auric colours that constantly change as the dominant male and subtle female energies entwine almost a dance of love and passion that reach up to the tip and release into the cosmos. The main body of the flame is solid that cant be seen through but just below the main body and above the wick is a gateway that is almost transparent giving glimpses of what lies behind. As the energies settle and the flame stretches the doorway also gets taller and as the flame opens out and maybe shrinks, the gateway will widen and allow you to see through to the other side.

To close this meditation give thanks to the fire spirit for providing warmth, light and foresight, thank it for sharing knowledge and experience. Using the salt water solution you used to wash the candle dip your fingers and nip the flame at the wick carefully to extinguish the flame, or use a candle extuinguisher. (A thimble shaped cone that extuinguishes the flame by depriving it of oxygen.)

I trust this meditation will work as well for you as it does for me.

With unconditional love


16 Novemember 2010

The myths and legends attached to the fire spirit lives on today with the amphibians specifically the salamander, these have long been seen emerging from fires unharmed and have been known to regenerate lost limbs. The myths and fables come from fire breathing dragons, almost every culture has a legend. The English have St George and the Dragon, the american Shamans have the great spirit, the Romans have many Gods, as do the Greeks, Etruscans, Japanese etc.

The science behind looking into a flame has a clinical term "Fire Gazing" this is the art of spending all night looking at the television and not seeing a thing that was on. ha ha ha ha. We have all done it without realising, it is only the next day when asked what you did last night that you realise you spent the night firegazing, I wonder how many of us would admit that we spent the whole night looking at a television without seeing anything that was on. We are actually reverting back to our caveman status where as a group we would huddle and watch the flames within the fire and whilst doing so putting our world to rights.

To clinically analyse the colours of the flames, the colours of the candles used, the waning moon or waxing moon, the times and the settings for lighting candles, the wood used for the matches, the type of wax and if the candle is self made or purchased from a supplier are all considerations when using or invoking energies. Hopefully what I have provided today is a simple meditation that anyone can experience.