I will not leave you.

By: Bruce
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The candle flickered in the darkness as a dark soot closed in on the candles flame, The flame shrank what was once tall was now short, it dulled what was once bright was now not so bright. The flame drew back and the soot withdrew gracefully, the flame was allowed to grow once more getting taller, brighter yet standing alone.

I stood at the gateway with choices to make, there was a dark purple entrance in front of me curtain like in texture as I touched it it moved back, it felt like if I could punch it I would be able to break through. I looked to my right at another gateway this one much darker but just as welcoming, full of intrigue and mystery, There is so much knowledge, so much to learn, so much to be absorbed here. My choice is made and I step forward I chose the purple like entrance. The air is heavy and for a moment I am afraid, I didnt expect the air to be heavy. There is a lack of smell here but it isnt clean, this place does not smell as it should. I stand and look around it is weird but not scary, I was expecting to meet someone but they wasnt here. I dont know why I expected to meet them, I am confused, I feel like I have lost my memory, I feel like I should be remebering who it is I am supposed to be meeting. Its difficult to describe this feeling, I can liken it to arranging to meet a friends friend at the airport, someone you have spoken to but never met in person, so you know them and have a familiarity with them but have never met them. There is aprehension and nerves but not fear.

I move through the dull light and am aware that the air is heavy, it is chilly and there are many familiar people around. These people are not friends thay are more like acquantances, I want to ask someone for directions but dont. I am a man and dont do things like that, I think of google maps and wonder if there is an internet cafe around. I smile at my own silliness... An internet cafe in a place like this. rofl I hear a groan and turn my head and am face to FACE with an entity of some description. It is a nostril hair away from my face and it does not give me a chance to breathe before it is gone. My heart stopped... My whole body had just been parylised... WHAT THE frig... was this place?

I stand for a moment seeking solace, why are all these things that move around so familiar, I am heavy with sweat because the last encounter scared me, I am almost scared to move, I am almost scared to attempt to move, what if I cant move? I move forward and regret it immediately. The noise, the vibration of the noise is deafening, it is like walking through sand, I can feel the noise level as strange as it seems I can actually feel the frequency of this sound it is so low that it has become almost drum like with its inccessant beat. I am afraid... I am now very afraid as I feel something touch me and turn a part of me to stone. I shrug and the stone crumbles and turns to soot I am granted a moments false hope as with relief I move before being touched once more and feeling my beautiful soft skin harden and turn to stone.

I know why I am here, I am here to collect someone, I am here to bring someone home, they are a little lost and dont belong here and I am here to take them home.

I feel my skin turning, hardening, refusing to do what I want, I try to scream, I try to make a noise, I try to sweat, I feel the noise turning me into something solid, I feel the touch like a million ants smothering me and changing me. I scream, shout, as it gets darker, the noise is welcoming the beat of the noise at least proves I am not dead. The pause between each pulse of noise gets longer, each pulse gets lower than the one before it, each shade of darkness is darker than the last and each wave of soot is more restricting than the last.

The sound of screams shatter the silence, the sound of breathing and the struggle for breath, the sound of fear... I am awake, I am no longer where I was... My Angel and my Guardian Angel are close, I am in my bed, sweating and probably close to heart attack.

I know I will be going back but hopefully next time I will be better prepared. My Guardian and my Angel are close and so I return to sleeping.