The Fountain

By: Bruce
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In my dreams I frequently travel to "My Place", my journey is probably no different and no more unique than your own. I travelled my journey many times and each time it reveals a little more or something different or offers a different perspective on this occasion my Angel is not with me but my two guides are eager for me to learn... "Something!"

I begin my journey laying on a sunlounger in my garden, I am reading my book and it is a glorious sunny day with temperature around 85-90*. As I lay absorbing the rays, my eyes are heavy and I drift in and out of near sobriety I think of the people on here and try to focus on them and send them love and good intentions. I think of my recent visit to the forest and the lessons given to me recently, I have my feet firmly planted in the grass and ask "Mother Earth" for the wisdom to accept and understand the lessons correctly, as "Father Sun" shines brightly and warms my soul I ask him for the humility and grace to be able to accept things for what they are and not for what I want or expect them to be, while I am contemplating and considering the gifts of everything presented to me lately I again drift and my journey begins.

I am walking across a meadow through grass that is well kept and is about ankle length high, so it is easy going but slightly uphill. I approach woodland that has an opening into the forest this is a natural arch caused by two Hawthorn trees one on each side of the path. As i step under this arch the heat of the day disappears and I am in a Birch grove with ferns, bracken and bramble on both sides of the path I reach down and pick one of the blackberries and enjoy its sweet juice, I want to stay and pick more but my guide is hurrying me along. He is a tall handsome dude that has an eagle face on a wolfs head, he does reveal himself occasionally but most of the time he is a figment of my imagination or so I pretend to myself. (lol) I continue to walk and will not be hurried, my other guide is a deer she is special and will only show herself to me if I am being nice. (( she is correcting me and telling me she is an Eilid) she doesnt care what I call her but she does like me to be correct.) i continue my journey with one guide leading me and trying to get me to move faster and my other guide walking alongside me occasionally pushing up against me, I stop and listen to the stream I cant see it but can hear it, I am guessing it is under the bramble we have moved to the edge of the forest and there is a meadow of the most beautiful flowers alongside the stream that has revealed itself. I am now walking between the edge of the forest and the stream with the meadow of flowers to my left on the other side of the stream. My deer (Eilid) guide is between me and the stream and there are hundreds of butterflies in the meadow, there is quite a steep hill to climb and as I begin the almost climb I look across the meadow to see a lone unicorn standing proud watching me... It is breathtaking to see this magnificent animal standing majestically whilst retaining it shyness, I face it head on and tip my head, I bring my palms together in salutation and this beautiful animal bowed to me and watched as my guide pushed me along. I climb this steep hill and as I reach the top my other guide is sitting with a sarcastic dry smile watching me struggle as i reach flat ground. I approach him and can see the hollow of the rock pool, it is like a bubbling spring and has flowers all around it, my deer walks up and sips the cool water, she looks at me and continues to drink.

I look around and can see for miles, this is an awesome place. I am looking out across the lands and can see the forest below, I can see "Butterfly Meadow" (the name seemed appropriate) if I walk to the other side I know i will be able to see what is there but now is not the time. I again approach this table top rock and look at the water cascading over the sides. My Eilid guide drank from the pool at the top but my dude guide is telling me I must drink from the cascade of water that spills from the sides, he tells me that each of the cascades is one of my senses and it is now that I realise that there are five points where the water flows over the side. I made my hand into a cup shape and allowed the water to flow over it I leaned down to drink the water from my palm and as I tasted the water I was made aware of the taste of this purist of pure water, this water made me feel so alive, the taste buds on my tongue were invigorated, the bottom of my mouth was cleansed, the roof of my mouth was almost painful and as the water travelled into my throat it opened and flushed down into my stomach like a sorbet on a hot summers day. So this was taste and was the first of the five senses.

At this point I was stopped by my dude guide and was told that I can return to this place any time and that I should consider what has been shown to me today and contemplate what the five senses are and what they do, he also told me not to drink from the pool until I have drank from the five cascades.

to be cont.