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Breathing Techniques

By Bruce, 2013-06-11

Breathing through the more challenging times is one of the simplest things to doyet one of themost difficult things to apply. If we are stressed then we tend to open our mouths or purse our lips to draw breath but by doing this we breathe into our stomach?

A quick experiment for you. Take a short sharp breath in through your mouth and realise where your breath goes... Now do it again this time through your nose...
In through your mouth and it almost certainly went straight to your stomach, yet in through your nose and it went to the top of your lungs.

This simple experiment will help you with most meditation work, in the sense that body, mind & spirit should work with each other and how one relates to the others is akey factor when working with energies and alternative energy awareness.

When practicingbreathingtechniques always stay withinyour own limits, it is good in moderation. You should not be trying to push your limits, you should stretch yourlimitsbut remaincomfortable, there is no need to push your limits to the max. There is a time and a place for all exercise, practicing breathing techniques whilst operating machinery is not a good idea so always consider when and where to indulge in breathing techniques.

Bring your hands together as if in prayer, elbows resting on your uppertorso.Thumbs should be just below or level with your throat.
Nowbreathe in slowly through your noseand count to 6. Unicorns are good for counting 1 unicorn 2 unicorn 3 unicorn etc.
As you breathe in raise your hands and broaden your elbows keeping your palms together, by the time you get to 6 unicorns your thumbs should be level with your forehead and your elbows should be at least level with andwider than your shoulders.

Hold your breath for a couple of seconds

Breathe out slowly and bring your hands and elbows back to their original position

Take note of your lung capacity and how your heart rate has lowered, you are becoming aware of "self", physical self, mental self and emotional self.

We are now going to repeat this exercise but this time with our eyes closed, but before we close our eyes look at your hands look at the thumbs and the position of your thumbs in relation to your wrists, close your eyes and visualise your thumbs and wrists. As you slowlybreathe in and slowly raise your hands keep visualising your thumbs, hands and wrists, and as you reach six and are looking up appreciate how still your mind has become and gently breathe out and lower your hands before opening your eyes.

Physical self, mental self, emotional self and spiritual self suddenly became much more enlightened and in tune with each other. A simple breathing exercise turned into an exploration of "self."

As above,So below... As One

Be well beautiful people

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Bnwyfre` Healing by Breath

By Bruce, 2013-06-09

By following simple rules we can enhance our everyday lives and by understanding the basics of breathing all of us caninfluence the environment around us.

Slow breathing brings us to a state of calm, rapid quick breathing takes us to a state of excitement. Breathing in slowly and breathing out slowlyand keeping the breaths equal will bring us to a state of calm, almost all meditative practice begins with breathing techniques.

When we breathe in we areinhaling through the nose and weinhale to the lower intestine, with the correct posture and technique the inhalation is not just oxygen it is food for the "soul."
When webreathe out we are exhaling through the mouth and we exhale from thediaphragm, stomach & lungs we arenot just exhaling, we are releasing theintent of our being into our aura and our aura is releasing the stuff it does not need into the atmosphere for recycling.
(I appreciate how technical the last paragraph is, it is important that we understand breathing does much more than just supply oxygen to the blood.)

To look at happiness and how we laugh, when we laugh we exhalequicker then we inhale and we are out of balance, our body is not just giving out more air, we will be sweating, trembling, our temperature will rise, our mouth will become dry and we will crave for more.
If we now look at sadness it becomes apparent that we breathe slower andinhalequicker than we exhale asthe body struggles to cope with the emotion, something as simple as frustration and our body will take a long breath through pursed lips before exhaling with a quick sigh. If we are happy our core temperature will rise, if we are sad then our tendency is to inhibit ourselves and our temperature lowers. If we can understand our breathing then we change the situation and we change it because our whole demeanor changes the active responses around us.

A night of disturbed sleep has the potential to upset the whole day, because during sleep our bodies physicallyreplenish and restore naturally. The following exercise will encourage blood flow and assist the life force energies around you to synchronise as one, at least, it is a short term solution to an otherwise tiresome day.

After an interrupted nights sleep try this technique to spruce up your day and shake off the lethargy;
Breathe in slowly and mentally count as you do so, from 1 to 6, when you reach 6 breathe out quickly all in one breath and repeat two or three times. This requires concentration so practice breathing in fluently, evenly, concentrate on the whole exercise.

Once you are happy with this, when you reach 2 close your eyes and on the count of 6 as you exhale,open your eyes.

Finally for this exercise we are going to engage the mind with the body, later we will engage mind, body and spirit but for now we will work with only the mind and body.

Sit comfortably (sit upright, back straight) with feet flat on floor and palms with right hand over left against upper stomach. (Just above belly button)
Breathe in to the count of 6 but on the count of 2 close your eyes, breathing in through the nose and feeling the cool air rise through the nostrils, into the throat, down into the chest, feel it push against your hands feeling the stomach push the left hand and that in turn will push the right hand out as the stomach and diaphragm expands.
On the count of 6 hold your breath and count to 3 before breathing out quickly as you open your eyes.

Repeat this and focus on the in breath and what it is dong to your body, realize how your thoughts are engaging with your body and both mind and body are as one, with each responding to the other.
As you breathe in feel your chest and abdomen expand, feel your shoulders lift, your head will lift and your eye level will come up, you will feel alive and connected.
As you exhale feel the breath leave your body, feel the lungs empty, your shoulders droop, your head will come forward.

Repeat this exercise for as long as you need to, if you do it ten times today it will be 5 times tomorrow, 3 times the day after. It really is a case of practice makes perfect.

Finish this exercise with an in breath, inflate every fibre of your body and stand ready to begin your day, bring your hands together in front of you in the prayer position, open your eyes and stretch with palms outward.

This simple exercise will shake off a disturbed sleep and will help you to start your day invigorated and physically prepared for the day ahead.

Enjoy your day

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Reed Ngetal

By Bruce, 2012-10-28
Reed Ngetal

Pronounciation: Ngetal as in (Petal)

Moon Phase: 12th Moon of celtic calendar (October to Samhain)

Moon Name: Harvest, Blood, Hunters moon

Letter: Ng

Title: Shrub

Height: (mature) up to 9ft 3mtr

Influence: Female / Androgenous

Age: Continuous re-birth

Shape: Spindle fountain

Legend: Food for Samhain. Encourages co-operation between worlds. Positive action.

Medicinal Qualities: Tummy problems, ankle or feet swelling, constipation, irritable bowel, mental health issues.

The Reed (Typha Latifola) is perhaps the plant that has colonised the world and succeeded where the Celtic nations didn't. The information gathered here is from locations across the planet and from this we can summise as to how and what the qualities of this plant were at the time of the Prydain Druids.
It is one of the few foods that can be harvested throughout the winter and will provide nutritious food for the winter months. Evidence from across the entire Celtic regions expands, to starch grains being found on or near grinding stones from as far back as 30,000 years ago meaning ground flour was included as an essential part of their diet. Possibly along with egg shell this was the mythical druids disc that so much has been written about.

The feathers from the bulrush seed absorb fluid and with the seed can be abrasive, it would have been used to clean and cure animal hide. The abundance of feathers available made these an obvious source for stuffing mattresses also as a soft lining, so to line the inside of a babies crib or insulate shoes would have been common place. Once dried these feathers would have been used as tinder for fire, also once the stems had been dried they make excellent incense sticks and being slow burning make a great way of keeping the home fire burning and releasing a soft white smoke as an active deterrent against flies and other insects. The inside of the stem contains starch, by slow cooking the stem and root comes syrup, by baking then grinding comes flour, also such is the versatility of this plant that it povides enough sustenance in 15 to 20 roots or new stem per day for the adult body to survive. Early Saxon coracles are known to have been made with the reed, the Paiute Indians of Northern America do to this day make small flatillas from this plant utilising the leaf, stem and syrup as a bind and waterproofing for their boats.
(On a personal note, I wonder if it would be possible to build a boat from reeds and once finished with it... eat it? I will wait for someone with more knowledge than I to confirm this theory. lol)
The stem of a bulrush is as straight as an arrow because it literally grows straight up, many a lazy bowman has used the reed as an arrow it's light weight allows it to be carried on the air and as such will travel great distances. A natural bolt for a crossbow means deadly accuracy, a point well delivered.
To see a Reed in full plume ready to shed its seed is a wonderful sight, with the pure white feathering shedding umbrellas carrying seed. It is easy to understand why the fae have been associated to this plant. The pike or salmon swimming through its roots seeking and searching. The Moses basket is called so because Moses was pushed out into the Danube, a basket expertly made in an instant from "The Reed."

The seed nests into the earth waiting for water and is capable of laying for years without disturbance, the water inspires it to grow, even in deep water and against the tide it will grow straight up to touch the air. It grows from the earth through water to touch air and is sacred for this reason. The power of three, where the land touches the water and air. Once the seed is airbourne it will find it's place to nest and to wait.

Copyright Bruce October 2012
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Ogham Tree Lore

By Bruce, 2012-10-23

Ogham is often desribed as the secret languageof the druids, a language surrounded by myth and legend.
The Ogham tree lore is"A Language", "A Medicinal Log", "A Philosophy", "A Theosophy", it is a progressive life enhancing guide to "Bnwyfre"TM life force energy.

Divination, mystery, communication andthe expression of intent laid down for future generations from the wisdom keepers, the Elders andthe Druids. In the celtic regions it is known to be at least2500 years old, there is evidence of similar languages outside the celtic regions dating back from before 3000bc making its foundationsmore than 5000 years old. The Siberiantribes of more than 4000 years ago used charcoal and wood for runestones, the Nordic tribes used runestones in education and worship, the Tibetan monks of many millenia have used wooden prayer wheels all of these have asimilar backgrounds and will have contributed to the Oghamlanguage, the forgottenvoice of "The Druid."

With the Nordic tribes invading Prydain (Britain) comes fresh myth and legend, the vikings again brought new dialects and language to the celtic Prydainregions. It is recognised that druids of 600bc were familiar with the language ofSocrates (ancient Greek) but by the year 400ad Latin was prevelant amongst the hierarchy of the modern society. It is also to be said that language and dialectvaried from region to region. Prior to 600bc the celts were the dominating mass across what is now Scandinavia, Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland, Italy & Greece. With the birth of Christ came the growing Roman empire and the gradual demise of the Celtic Druid. One of the main factors of the druidic culture was the use of a secretlanguage that enveloped all nations, societies and traditions, this language being Ogham/Ogam ("ow em" - "ohm" - "oh am")

A lot of what we understand today comes from the 14th century with a revival of the old ways, along with fresh interpretation of what could have been. To look back beyond the 14th century werely onactual and circumstantial evidence that takes us into the language of the Celtic Druid and thesurviving Prydain Druid. The invasion of the Romans reduced the Celtic Druid to the lands of Prydain, (Britain, Ireland and Iceland) and the islands surrounding Prydain, the scottish isles, Ireland and the isle of Anglessey were among the last places known for the PrydainDruid cultures & places of education.

Hippocrates is known today as the founder of western medicine,an ancient Greek living four hundred years before the birth of Christ influences our culture today. He was one of the first to state that dis-ease is not caused by the wrath of Gods and that it can be treated as a human condition. The father ofwestern medicine living on a remote island "Kos" taught students a revolutionary new way to treat dis-ease. It is unknown where his knowledge came from or where his students relayed their knowledge! So very much a situation of if he learned from the Celts? or if they learned from him? What is known is that through established trade routes both ships and overland and withthe coming of the iron age, knowledge was shared across the Celtic regions as was many goods from Greek, Roman, Etruscan and Persian civilisations.
One translation ofa part of theHippocratic oath is:
"I swear by Apollo Physician and Asclepiusand Hgieiaand Panaceia and all the gods and goddesses, making them my witnesses."

The Ogham tree lore includes the findings of the ancients and includes their teachings with regard to cures for illnesses and dis-ease. IfI mention Hippokrate` from Kos then I must also mention Socrates from Athens who from the same timelines and the same areaas Hippocrates was a philosopher. It is known that the two led similar paths, Socrates student Plato wrote many of Socrates teachings but is known to have written it with his own interests at heart. The original lessons were spoken but written later, the romans were superior with their scriptures, the Romans revolutionised school as they believed in writing and recording everything, but up to that point, scholars and students would normally have been taught by word of mouth. Pliny the elder is famous for writing about the pagan rituals and influences from the 1st Century. In his writings we can discover the foundations of many future translations from the Greeks, Etruscans, Celts and Druids but we must always bare in mind that Pliny was a Roman who wrote from a Romans perspective.
In the same way that language and translations are adapted from region to region, trees and plantlife change from region to region as do the Gods and Goddesses along with their uniquevarious interpretations change their names from region to region.
After we have taken all of these considerations into account this is a time of the birth of Christianity, a time of great turmoil and confusion.

The Ogham tree lore is"A Language", "A Medicinal Log", "A Philosophy", "A Theosophy", it is a progressive life enhancing guide to "Bnwyfre"TM spiritual life force energy.

The disciplines of Ogham as taught and practisedby the druids is not about regional systems of Beth-Luis-Nion/Fearn it is about understanding the differences in nature, climate,time zones, regions and cultures.The long summersof Italy will not produce the same spiritual or physicalessenceas the cold winters of Iceland and yetthe teachingsof Ogham tree loretook place on both sides of the Celtic region. Ogham/Ogam/Ogm is about understanding the principles of"Bnwyfre"(TM) life force energy.
Druidic and Pagan belief is that first there was dark then there was light, this meaningthe culture would be from new moon tonew moon, commonly referred to as Beth-Luis-Nion with the year starting at winter solstice, my belief isthis is heavily influenced by the coligny calendar and the Roman influences. The Beth-Luis-Fearne calendar begins earlier with the full moon and is associated as starting !st November full moon to full moon this followingSamhain the time whenthe veil is at it's thinnest between the two worlds because of seasonal changes. The harvest has been gathered and it is a time for celebration and new beginnings. Anything not expected to survive winter would be allowed topass to spiritor slain in ritual with the bones being cast into the fires.
The Jalaali Persian calendar is possibly oneof themajor influences during the 14th century revival of druidic culture, as this calendar was based on the lunar cycle. julius Caesar (46 bce) along with the invading Romans is responsible forinstilling the Egyptian solar calendar of 365 days. The confusion in both region and translation is all but lost, my belief isone based with regionalseasonsand traditionallunar astrological knowledge. "First there was dark." My year starts at Samhain (sow in) after the harvest has been gathered and leads into the new moon and new beginnings. A waning moon is a time of casting out and conservation, A waxing moon is a time forharvesting and sharing.

Themain controversy iswhen this calendarstarts.Samhain? which is a time when the two worlds are closest together and the energies merge easier. (seasonal)OrWinter Solstice? a time of the longest night. (Astrological) My belief is the coming and going of the seasons might fluctuate with a late summer or early frostand soadopting a calender based onprecision and fitting 365.244 days into a four year cycle is not for me.

Copyright BruceSept. 2012

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Sensory Perception

By Bruce, 2012-03-31

Sensory Perception

If we choose a word and explore the dimensions and dynamics ofthis word it will do a number of things to you personally, I recently attended a spiritualfestivalat "the wave" inCumbria and had the pleasure of listening to Neil HI wanted to describe him in a way that would do justice to his performance, after much deliberation I used the word "sensational."

One of my favourite sayings is see a sound and hear a picture, to hear a sound and to be able to see it, we have all done it. Consciously or not, whilst dancing, singing, in church, karaoke orsomething much more purposeful like meditation. Our sense of hearingis enhancedwhen we close our eyes, to enhance our natural sense of hearing by allowing extra sensory perception toenhance it.

Whitney Houston touched many people with her song "I will always love you," I say touched because for me to just mention the song and think of her I am covered in goosepimples, my hair is standing on end, the hairs on my arms are standing up, i have been engulfed by her song. It is a tragedy that we lost Whitney at such a young age as her songs "touched" millions of people and will continue to do so.

The church choir or school choir, is a personal thing when we attend these events they are usually with friends, we join with them and enjoy the community together singing. We see, hear and feel which is all quite normal, in the sense that using three of our five naturalsenses, so to stretch this further and say a sixth sense comes into play because the enjoyment as a community was as one. We enjoyed the interaction both as an individual and as a community as one it was sensational. The Extra senses were there for all to enjoy.

We all have pieces of history that we keep, a relatives ring, babies first blanket, grandfathers watch etc. we take comfort when we wear them or hold them. When we visit the church or pass a childhood playground our memories bring back the sights, sounds, smells of those times. We look at photos and our natural senses come into force, but our never mentioned sixth sense is what enables us to focus and to re-enact or live those past events again.

I recentlystumbled across some music that was so unexpected that it took me two or three pieces to settle down. This music was so enriching to my senses that all of them stretched for the extra sensory perception that we seldom use. This music was a major contributing factor towards a very successful evening, it lulled the whole auditorium into using all of their senses+. As individuals and as one.

I have heard prayer described as talking with God, and have heard meditation described as joining with him, meditation is about the extra senses we have and how we indulge them, wether it be self indulgence or guided communal awareness. The extra sensory perceptions we all have are the key to the discovery of true spiritual awareness.

"Spiritual and Celestial essenceare our birth rite, our beingand our destiny."

A little known fact is that if we approach a lift and the doors open, a solitary figure stands in the lift and we are afraid. Our logic will suffocate our sixth sense and we will enter the lift, this being an obvious analogy of modern society and how we have moved away from natural response and allowedourselves to become products of ourenvironment, we are more afraid of our extra senses than we are of common sense.

Have you ever thought about this commonly referred to 6th sense, as in singular "one extra sense," the reality is there is a limitless amount of extra senses. I predict that one day someone with an analytical mind will number them 6th,7th,8th etc. etc.

Copyright Bruce March 2012

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How to Talk to a Tree

By Bruce, 2011-08-16

This is something I wrote back in March

If you were walking down a busy street and suddenly started talking to someone at random would they pay any attention to you? The answer is an obvious NO.

The next question is if you walk up to a tree and start talking to it would you expect it to listen and respond to you? It's worth the thought isn't it!

A few rules that might help the tree and you to communicate effectively with each other.

1) I always walk round a tree clockwise, with the sun behind you.

2) Approach the tree from the east and follow the suns path around the tree, the moon has a dark side and the tree has an enchanted side so be careful and don't disturb the dryads.

3) Just because you have decided you are going to talk to the tree does not mean the tree wants to talk to you, so if you don't feel the connection give the tree homage and move on to another tree.

4) How to get a connection. Approach the tree from the east slowly, as in one step at a time and as you get close to the tree about two or threetimes your own height stop and ask the tree for it's attention. Stand still for a minute or two and acknowledge the trees space, move a bit closer or move further back, just trust your ownintuition and what feels right. Facing the tree take a side step to the leftone at a time so you are moving round the tree clockwise, move slowly, and carefully, gracefully, gently because you are waiting to feel a difference. ha ha ha ha ha ha LOL.

Difference = A change in temperature, a flush, a caress, a feeling.

The first time you feel it will be kind of freaky and you may not recognise it til later, but recognise it you will and once you do you will find it easier next time.

Now you have made a connection with a tree, enjoy it and savour it's beauty. It will be enjoyable for both you and the tree, it is a bonding with nature and like anything else, if you work at it, it will become stronger and stronger. It is only a matter of time before the tree will share it's memories and knowledge.

Be Well peoples, let me know how this works for you.

With Love


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A simple meditation that can be done as a quick and easy 5 minute restart the day type embrace or an involved deep 1 hour meditation that will leave you totally relaxed and ready for a good nights sleep.

Preparing for this meditation will contribute towards it being successful, the ingredients and collecting and preparing the ingredients is a part of the actual meditation. The power of good intent should never be underestimated.

One white candle.

A candle holder.

One bowl of water with sea salt added. (or a bowl of sea water)

Wooden matches

Gently wash the candle using the salt water solution, the down stroke will be taking all of the negativity away from the candle, the upstroke instilling your energies and introducing fresh positive energies into the candle. Take your time doing this encouraging the negatives to leave and encourage the positive energies to infuse the candle for the duration of its life, the intention being to infuse a strong positive vibe to come from the flame for as long as it burns.

Locating the candle: This should be somewhere safe where it is not likely to set fire to anything if left unattended. If you have an alter then place the candle here before lighting. The obvious place for a candle is in front of the TV, the TV usually being the centre of the rooms attention and the easiest place to look at but this is probably the worst possible place to put the candle with regards to meditating, this being because of the energies involved. Should you decide that in front of the TV is perfect for the candle then take the time and make the effort to cleanse and purify this area first. An incense stick or smudge stick would be an ideal way of doing this.

Wooden matches. We are not looking to encourage any unwanted energies or vibes, so using a coloured lighter will potentially contaminate the space created. Where as a carefully chosen wooden match will only enhance this sacred event. (Ogham or tree lore will explain which type of wood to enhance the meditation(wooden match))

The timing of this event. To make this meditation progressive and to succeed in reaching a new and deeper level than the last one, choose your time carefully, the first time you do this give yourself at least an hour of no interuptions.

Now we have cleansed, purified and infused the candle, placed the candle in the holder and in a place of safety, also created a sacred place for the purpose of this meditation, we have considered the wood used for the matches and we have kept the salt water used to wash the candles.

With the candle in its holder and placed onto the alter or other sacred place you have blessed. It is time to light the candle. The match that you use to light the candle allow it to burn itself out, place it in an ash tray or other flame retardant dish as this in itself is a life force energy.

The new flame is an energy all on its own, you helped create this energy and it is this energy that will "if allowed" guide you. I forgot to mention that this should be in a draft free environment so as the flame dances it is doing it on its own and is not being "persuaded" by other influences. On ths occasion we are using one candle placed in front of you, the flame after a couple of minutes will settle down and burn steadily.

Look at the height of the flame and note the top is almost feather like in appearance, it will sometimes split then rejoin, it dances and produces much merriment for your enjoyment as you look at the tip you will become aware of the aura surrounding the flame the almost invisible energy surrounding the flame almost all the way down to the wick. Also take note that it is easily seen after watching the tip of the flame and is less obvious when looking from the base of the flame.

Looking at the way the candle leans, the left side is normally the emotional side. So according to the laws of physics the flame should stretch straight up and yet this flame you have created tends not to do that, so this is a great time to consider the message being given. If indeed the flame is leaning to the left consider what emotional baggage you might be carrying.

The opposite is for the flame to lean to the right, this would be the physical and material needs you or maybe someone near you requires. If the flame is leaning or frequently leaning over then due consideration should be given to the possible reasons.

The flame will frequently peak and trough sometimes almost leaping, determined to shake you from your reverie and get your attention. This is the time to experiment and ask why it wants your attention, is it someone who has passed recently? Maybe your guardian is trying to alert you, a guide or angel maybe telling you something or wanting your attention or maybe just letting you know they are around and providing reassurance. Ask the question and see if you recognise the reply. A leaping flame signifies a time of high emotion so wether it be yours or the influences around you, to manifest a positive outcome always work with the anology of a long flame attracts and the short flame bannishes.

Take note of any whisps of smoke:

Black smoke signifies the negatives have been bannished or burnt and dispersed.

White smoke would signify that your words have been heard and that divine assistance is on hand.

The flame itself has many features and many colours, the uppermost tip being the feather edge of yellow, gold and orange, moving down the outside edge is the auric colours that constantly change as the dominant male and subtle female energies entwine almost a dance of love and passion that reach up to the tip and release into the cosmos. The main body of the flame is solid that cant be seen through but just below the main body and above the wick is a gateway that is almost transparent giving glimpses of what lies behind. As the energies settle and the flame stretches the doorway also gets taller and as the flame opens out and maybe shrinks, the gateway will widen and allow you to see through to the other side.

To close this meditation give thanks to the fire spirit for providing warmth, light and foresight, thank it for sharing knowledge and experience. Using the salt water solution you used to wash the candle dip your fingers and nip the flame at the wick carefully to extinguish the flame, or use a candle extuinguisher. (A thimble shaped cone that extuinguishes the flame by depriving it of oxygen.)

I trust this meditation will work as well for you as it does for me.

With unconditional love


16 Novemember 2010

The myths and legends attached to the fire spirit lives on today with the amphibians specifically the salamander, these have long been seen emerging from fires unharmed and have been known to regenerate lost limbs. The myths and fables come from fire breathing dragons, almost every culture has a legend. The English have St George and the Dragon, the american Shamans have the great spirit, the Romans have many Gods, as do the Greeks, Etruscans, Japanese etc.

The science behind looking into a flame has a clinical term "Fire Gazing" this is the art of spending all night looking at the television and not seeing a thing that was on. ha ha ha ha. We have all done it without realising, it is only the next day when asked what you did last night that you realise you spent the night firegazing, I wonder how many of us would admit that we spent the whole night looking at a television without seeing anything that was on. We are actually reverting back to our caveman status where as a group we would huddle and watch the flames within the fire and whilst doing so putting our world to rights.

To clinically analyse the colours of the flames, the colours of the candles used, the waning moon or waxing moon, the times and the settings for lighting candles, the wood used for the matches, the type of wax and if the candle is self made or purchased from a supplier are all considerations when using or invoking energies. Hopefully what I have provided today is a simple meditation that anyone can experience.

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I will not leave you.

By Bruce, 2010-10-08

The candle flickered in the darkness as a dark soot closed in on the candles flame, The flame shrank what was once tall was now short, it dulled what was once bright was now not so bright. The flame drew back and the soot withdrew gracefully, the flame was allowed to grow once more getting taller, brighter yet standing alone.

I stood at the gateway with choices to make, there was a dark purple entrance in front of me curtain like in texture as I touched it it moved back, it felt like if I could punch it I would be able to break through. I looked to my right at another gateway this one much darker but just as welcoming, full of intrigue and mystery, There is so much knowledge, so much to learn, so much to be absorbed here. My choice is made and I step forward I chose the purple like entrance. The air is heavy and for a moment I am afraid, I didnt expect the air to be heavy. There is a lack of smell here but it isnt clean, this place does not smell as it should. I stand and look around it is weird but not scary, I was expecting to meet someone but they wasnt here. I dont know why I expected to meet them, I am confused, I feel like I have lost my memory, I feel like I should be remebering who it is I am supposed to be meeting. Its difficult to describe this feeling, I can liken it to arranging to meet a friends friend at the airport, someone you have spoken to but never met in person, so you know them and have a familiarity with them but have never met them. There is aprehension and nerves but not fear.

I move through the dull light and am aware that the air is heavy, it is chilly and there are many familiar people around. These people are not friends thay are more like acquantances, I want to ask someone for directions but dont. I am a man and dont do things like that, I think of google maps and wonder if there is an internet cafe around. I smile at my own silliness... An internet cafe in a place like this. rofl I hear a groan and turn my head and am face to FACE with an entity of some description. It is a nostril hair away from my face and it does not give me a chance to breathe before it is gone. My heart stopped... My whole body had just been parylised... WHAT THE frig... was this place?

I stand for a moment seeking solace, why are all these things that move around so familiar, I am heavy with sweat because the last encounter scared me, I am almost scared to move, I am almost scared to attempt to move, what if I cant move? I move forward and regret it immediately. The noise, the vibration of the noise is deafening, it is like walking through sand, I can feel the noise level as strange as it seems I can actually feel the frequency of this sound it is so low that it has become almost drum like with its inccessant beat. I am afraid... I am now very afraid as I feel something touch me and turn a part of me to stone. I shrug and the stone crumbles and turns to soot I am granted a moments false hope as with relief I move before being touched once more and feeling my beautiful soft skin harden and turn to stone.

I know why I am here, I am here to collect someone, I am here to bring someone home, they are a little lost and dont belong here and I am here to take them home.

I feel my skin turning, hardening, refusing to do what I want, I try to scream, I try to make a noise, I try to sweat, I feel the noise turning me into something solid, I feel the touch like a million ants smothering me and changing me. I scream, shout, as it gets darker, the noise is welcoming the beat of the noise at least proves I am not dead. The pause between each pulse of noise gets longer, each pulse gets lower than the one before it, each shade of darkness is darker than the last and each wave of soot is more restricting than the last.

The sound of screams shatter the silence, the sound of breathing and the struggle for breath, the sound of fear... I am awake, I am no longer where I was... My Angel and my Guardian Angel are close, I am in my bed, sweating and probably close to heart attack.

I know I will be going back but hopefully next time I will be better prepared. My Guardian and my Angel are close and so I return to sleeping.

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